September 18, 2006


I'm feeling as if I'm tearing apart. Personal, private and job-related issues and commitments are lifting my stress-level quite a bit. Add a nuance of financial pressure and irritation with government and you have a nice recipe of how to get rid of any relaxation for quite some time.

Well, it's not easy at the moment but it's nothing which can't be coped with over time. I just have to keep up.

September 15, 2006

Building Progress

Well, the bricklayer has been here and the floor is done. Has been quite a show of strength to lift those three tons of raw material up into the house and work with it but in the end it's been done.

Now it has to dry for a few weeks.

The problems with posting in my blog have resolved. Indeed there were some server-side changes which affected my installation. Just posted a support-request and got help without any further issues.

September 11, 2006

Back (again)

Well, once again through a period of silence. Caused by two reasons:

  • some problems with my blog software or tighter hoster restrictions (dunno yet but suspect the latter)
  • a week vacation at the end of my sweets school holidays

Some highlights of the last off-work week:

  • reworked our heating plumbing, now much less heat is wasted in our central heating system and it sustains longer with fewer refills
  • added thermic insulation and underfloor heating on all remaining floors in the upper floor (grin)
  • did an instant-trip to Vienna for some strolling, sightseeing and visiting a nice classic concert in the Wiener Hofburg

No sunlight without shadow:

  • floor heating is still not finished, the brick layer always cancels appointments for laying our floor pavement
  • we lost almost two hours in one of the common traffic jams on our trip to Vienna

But the bricklayer now has told us that he'll be here on Wednesday.