June 9, 2012

Received my RasPi

I finally received my Raspberry Pi which I've ordered in the first quarter of this year. It's an interesting piece of hardware and even smaller than I expected.

Sadly I'm still unable to spend more time with this. I just took some nights and compiled OpenELEC and put it on a newly purchased class-6 SD card to boot. I chose a self-compiled OpenELEC because initially I only had a 1GB card available and it seems that there is no precompiled image available which fits on cards smaller than 2GB. (In the meanwhile I've purchased some additional cards with reasonable sizes.)

It took some attempts for me to be able to control the XBMC media center on my flatscreen TV but on the second day I've been successful to play some HD videos from the little gadget. The issues I had to deal with were

  • a dependency error in the OpenELEC sources (should be fixed by now)
  • unexpected long build duration on my machine
  • correctly partitioning the SD card manually, configuring the boot-parameters file
  • me not recognizing that the TV should be set to HDMI before turning on the Pi

But these were already all of the issues and since development for the Raspberry Pi is extremely fast I expect things to become faster and easier day by day. And this is currently just for my goal of getting a media center up and running, I wonder what will be possible when developers are going to put these GPIO pins into top gear...