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A bit more than a year ago, the new website for Metroid SR388 opened its doors. It was very well received and had quite some fanbase which was eagerly waiting for the very promising Metroid SR388 metroid remake by a guy called "von richter".

Nowadays I've given up all hope on this project. There has been some more progress and some more trailers but around spring this year the project began to stall. There was a bit confusion in the forums (vonRichter renamed himself to ProjectLeaderGuy and some crazy stuff) but from that time on there wasn't much of any news.

And now the website domain went down and is for sale again, so I guess that Metroid SR388, as much as it has been hyped in the community, is gone for good.

What's now left for me and my need for retro is another Metroid fan project, AM2R. I hope this one survives a bit longer and releases a final product sometime in the future.

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Finally! After some delay the website for Metroid SR388 is up and available. vonRichter announced it on his (now deprecated?) blog. Currently the website contains only few new information but more is announced and can be expected.

Furthermore, vonRichter has given a target date for the first playable demo of Metroid SR388: November 1st.

It's really hard to wait for the time to go by...


After last weekends exams I had some time to spend on my Wii. Besides giving Super Smash Brothers Brawl a try, which ended with a mixed impression as I didn't read the manual and was overwhelmed by the different game-modes and moves, I also installed the Homebrew Channel and added ScummVM and Snes9X.

I spent a few relaxing hours with some of the LucasArts games (especially DOTT). As I have also read that Chrono Trigger will be rereleased for the Nintendo DS this winter and that Mega Man 9 will find its way to the Wii this fall, I've also played a few hours of SNES Chrono Trigger.

Now if just Metroid SR388 could give me a bit more than this outdated trailer or this more recent anti-spoiler... my joy would be perfect :)

Update And a new Mega Man 9 Trailer is out... I think I feel young again :)


Maybe I'm a bit late on this but when I read about that I've been very excited and forgot to mention it. Metroid SR-388 is a fan project for Metroid which takes on the SNES version "Super Metroid" and follows this path.

Currently, all what is available is this teaser but as the creator says it is already outdated and even this looks incredible, the expectations for this game are quite high.

I just hope the final product will be available and copyright issues with someone (Nintendo) won't put this to an end.