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As most Sundays today I've been playing Badminton again. After a relatively good start, I somehow came back down to the ground again after jumping for the ball in a not very stable position. Not stable enough to keep upright to be precise. To make this story short, I again turned over my ankle, although this time my left one. During my falling down I heard a loud (at least for me) snapping sound from my ankle and when I hit the ground my left leg was already paralyzed by the pain.

Compared to the last time I experienced something similar, that sound made me worry quite a bit. The paralyzed leg recovered after a few minutes but a tiny achiness stayed. Nothing I'd worry about if I hadn't already made bad memories with my right ankle and hadn't heard the snap.

So over the day I again visited the hospital, where after about two hours of waiting and about three minutes of treatment (in total) I was sent home with the diagnosis of pulled tendon. And now in the evening it's hurting more.

The doctor at the hospital just took a quick look at my ankle and moved it a bit but none o the movements hurt. I hope that he made the right diagnosis in this hurry and my tendon is really not ripped apart.

Let's see how the next few days develop...


Over the last three weeks I've started again with performing some exercises. I'm doing this because on the one hand I want to strengthen my torso muscles to avoid problems with my spine again as I had in the past. On the other hand I want to raise my overall fitness and condition and to be honest I also hope that it changes my metabolism a bit so that I gain a bit more weight.

For now I chose the number of pushups I'm able to perform in a row as a quick indicator of my progress. When I started about three weeks ago my limit was 20 maximum leaving me quite exhausted for some minutes. Two days ago I've been at 30 maximum but not as exhausted as in the beginning, just with the need for faster breathing now. I'm a bit surprised by this fast improvement.

I'm not planning to make any investments in sports gear for now as I think it should be possible to work out without special equipment at the current level where I rate myself. But I had a quick chat with a classmate about it who is a bit more serious about training and I try to follow his tips.

I also returned to the Badminton field with work-colleagues two weeks ago and we're aiming to keep it a fixed event every week. Maybe I can also return to the Sunday-event with another classmate. But since my last exercise with her, where I damaged my ankle, is already quite a bit in the past and my position has most probably been filled by a replacement player, my hopes are currently not too high for this.


On Friday I got feedback from the team where I've been assisting for some time. It seems, that I did quite well, the feedback was 100 percent positive and also accompanied by the statement that they would welcome it if I decided to permanently switch to them.

I have to admit that I already played with that thought a bit, but for now I think I'm not switching (yet). After checking back with my superiors there would be no problem at all, so it's really completely my own decision. After these results I think it will get more comon to exchange team members for a limited time cross-department. And I think that such exchanges will largely be positive as all concerned parties can learn from the experience.

In other news, I'm in bed. Yesterday in the very last minutes of playing Badminton I somehow tripped and hurt my ankle. It was quite painful but after about 10 minutes it went away and I could walk normally. Over the course of the afternoon and evening the ankle began to hurt just a bit and became swollen. This morning my ankle had the shape of a tennis ball and hurt much more than yesterday so I decided to give the hospital a visit. The physicals resulted in pulled ligaments and now I'm on sick leave for at least this week. And I guess, the revisit on Friday will result in that I should stay away from such fast-running sports for some time. Damn...


Whheeeeee, the hard weekend is over and I think it has been quite successful. All exams have been held, all presentations are performed including one surprise-presentation which was scheduled just the day before.

Since the stressful time was over, I set up a bit of sports activity. Namely playing Badminton with a studying colleague today morning.

This was my first intensive physical exercise since quite some time (think of years), nevertheless I think I did quite well. I could keep up with the condition of the others and my reactions were fast enough I think. I just had some problems with targetting and concentration on the rules how to switch positions after each move which I think are the main reasons why I've always been on the team which lost each match :) But I became better over time and the last match was already very close on the edge of victory.

I hope, that this was not only a one-time event and that I continue with some sports in the future.