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Update 2011-02-18: The other wiki site seems to have been shut down by LG. But there is a similar project OpenLGTV which contains the same information on this page.

Update 2009-12-06: Meanwhile there's a cleaner wiki-page available here which contains much more details, screenshots and warnings of course. Go there for the most up-to-date information on how to activate your USB port on your LG TV, what sound and video formats are supported and how to sort out some playback problems with movies.

As I've already mentioned I have purchased a new LCD TV some time ago. Its an LG 37-LF 2510. I've been quite satisfied with it and it's quality but when I read in the manual that the USB connector on the backside is only for updates and not for connecting storage devices my interest was awakened by this fact. I looked in the internet for updates to get the latest firmware on my TV and found this forum thread.

In this thread I read about the possibility to unlock DivX/XVid support on my USB connector by setting the right property in the service-menu. Of course I was sold by this immediately.

Just for reference I'm documenting the whole process here, how I enabled DivX on my TV.

  1. entered the Expert menu to check for the version of my firmware (enter the menu, just select! the Options entry and press FAV seven times)
  2. as I got FW 3.24.00 I had to downgrade to 3.15 first before the service menu would be available
  3. downloaded firmware 3.15 for LG LH series (mirror), put the contained folder LG_DTV on a USB stick and plugged it into the TV
  4. entered the Expert menu again, selected the entry for version 3.15 and started the downgrade by pressing OK
  5. after the successful downgrade, I entered the service menu by pressing the two OK buttons on the remote and the TV for 5 seconds at the same time, the PIN for the following lock is 0000
  6. now in the service menu go to Option 3 and set JPEG/MP3 to 1 and DivX/XVid to HD
  7. leave the menu, voi'la

Now the USB port on the backside allowed me to play back DivX and XVid movies :) One backdraw was that the menus looked a bit shaby to me now so I again upgraded my firmware to 3.37 (3.67 is the current version. Beware, service menu code is changed to 0413). Upgrades don't reset the DivX settings (for now) so this was safe as I could downgrade at any time again via the Expert menu if it would be necessary.

If you're trying this on your own, be sure to check the thread above for further information and the correct and most up-to-date firmware versions. According to the instructions in this forum thread the firmware and procedure also works for following models (and their respective xx10 versions, as I've got): 32LF2500 37LF2500 42LF2500
19LH2000 22LH2000 26LH2000 32LH2000 37LH2000 42LH2000
32LH3000 37LH3000 42LH3000 47LH3000
32LH4000 37LH4000 42LH4000 47LH4000
32LH5000 37LH5000 42LH5000 47LH5000
32LH7000 37LH7000 42LH7000 47LH7000
19LU4000 22LU4000 26LU4000
19LU5000 22LU5000 26LU5000

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