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I'm still having problems using my injured ankle which I hurt now more than a month ago. I have no difficulties with everyday movements but when I try to tilt my foot beyond a certain angle (front-, back- and also sideways) it quickly builds up a pulling and if I continue the motion it begins to hurt. This pretty much rules out most sports activities currently which is more than just a tiny inconvenience for me.

I'm also having some doubts on the diagnosis from the hospital. Don't know why but I'm not sure that a single pulled tendon can cause the exact combination of problems and pains I'm experiencing.

I've picked up the address and number of an orthopedist which got excellent reviews by a few people who already visited him but I also have squeeze this visit into my currently quite tight schedule. Hopefully, I'll manage to organize this quite soon...


Over the last ten (or so) days, just right for Easter, my health status went down again. I cought a small cold, not enough to keep me from working but bad enough so that I spent my non-work time in bed to recover faster. This helped somewhat in the way that it did not get worse anymore and today I'm not really feeling much of that issue anymore.

But this recovering was paid expensive. My spine aces returned, most probably caused by the lying-in-bed and limited exercising because of my injured ankle. Currently it's bad, not as bad as back in 2006, but still enough so that it causes me a constant pain in the lumbar spine. For now I just can fight this with pain killers but I know I need to get back to exercising as fast as possible to strengthen my muscles in this area again and get stabilized. Of course, I have to pay attention to the possible remainings of the cold and that I do nothing which could harm my wounded ankle.

Totally unrelated to this, some time ago I began collecting the different improvements I make to our sourcecode at work. I did this because I recognized, that I often applied the same improvements over and over again to other people's sourcecode and a lot of them are quite similar to each other. Most of this improvable code exists, because people just don't know that similar functionality already exists in common frameworks and so algorithms and operations get reingeneered again and again.

I plan to develop this collection so that each improvement has a before-after-example, a detailled explaination why this improvement is better, maybe a categorization into different areas (eg. Collections, Framework, Java5-Enhancement, etc.) and a difficulty-level. Maybe if this turns out well, I could also organize an internal training-event to spread this knowledge and raise the quality of our code just a tiny bit :)

Nevertheless, I'm also thinking of publishing each tip here in the blog for free availability and open discussion, so stay tuned if you're a Java developer, maybe there's also something in for you.


As most Sundays today I've been playing Badminton again. After a relatively good start, I somehow came back down to the ground again after jumping for the ball in a not very stable position. Not stable enough to keep upright to be precise. To make this story short, I again turned over my ankle, although this time my left one. During my falling down I heard a loud (at least for me) snapping sound from my ankle and when I hit the ground my left leg was already paralyzed by the pain.

Compared to the last time I experienced something similar, that sound made me worry quite a bit. The paralyzed leg recovered after a few minutes but a tiny achiness stayed. Nothing I'd worry about if I hadn't already made bad memories with my right ankle and hadn't heard the snap.

So over the day I again visited the hospital, where after about two hours of waiting and about three minutes of treatment (in total) I was sent home with the diagnosis of pulled tendon. And now in the evening it's hurting more.

The doctor at the hospital just took a quick look at my ankle and moved it a bit but none o the movements hurt. I hope that he made the right diagnosis in this hurry and my tendon is really not ripped apart.

Let's see how the next few days develop...


Yesterday I began leaving off the ankle stabilization I've been wearing for quite some time now. Walking without artifical help now feels very strange again. But what's more irritating is that many of the tendons and ligaments in my foot are now shortened and I have a very limited field of freedom compared to my healthy foot.

I hope that by leaving away the stabilization these shortened ligaments will be expanded again. But again this will take time and until then I have to take care not to overwork them or I'll be risking to rip them again before they are flexible enough again.

Btw.: Thanks Ellla for the ultra-short-term invitation to your self-made Oktoberfest yesterday. Saved my evening and lifted my mood :)


The upcoming two weeks I'll be on vacation again. Originally I planned to perform some sports but by damaged ankle voided my intentions. Nevertheless, I've had a talk with the doctor of my employer and he suggested to start easy not with running but with cycling in about two weeks. So I'll be preparing my old and dusty bike next week, maybe purchase a helmet, and start off easy in my second week of the vacation.

Furthermore I was told that in about 2-3 weeks I could also carefully(!) begin with badminton again. Carefully means, that I should only be going for throwing the shuttlecock back, making targetting exercises and so on, but not chasing every hit or jumping around to reach hard to catch hits.

In these two weeks I'll also have to work some more on two term papers to finish off this term.


Well, yesterday I had the second appointment in the hospital to check the current shape of my ankle. As I had expected, I could hand back the crutches I got for the past week. Instead of this I got a stiff fixture on my ankle which allows me to move almost normal again but prevents tilting my foot and causing additional ruptures to my damaged tendon.

Of course I've got the expected additional constraints. I have to wear this fixture for six weeks and after that I should stay away some time from indoor sports, which usually are fast sports with high forces on the feet. Instead I should train the muscles to support my foot stability and lower the risk of future weaknesses.

But I was also told that after some additional resting time from now I can also start with easy sports, like running, to shorten the recovery time a bit. Or at least to make the reentry into sports not that sudden with the end of my ankle-stabilisation phase.


On Friday I got feedback from the team where I've been assisting for some time. It seems, that I did quite well, the feedback was 100 percent positive and also accompanied by the statement that they would welcome it if I decided to permanently switch to them.

I have to admit that I already played with that thought a bit, but for now I think I'm not switching (yet). After checking back with my superiors there would be no problem at all, so it's really completely my own decision. After these results I think it will get more comon to exchange team members for a limited time cross-department. And I think that such exchanges will largely be positive as all concerned parties can learn from the experience.

In other news, I'm in bed. Yesterday in the very last minutes of playing Badminton I somehow tripped and hurt my ankle. It was quite painful but after about 10 minutes it went away and I could walk normally. Over the course of the afternoon and evening the ankle began to hurt just a bit and became swollen. This morning my ankle had the shape of a tennis ball and hurt much more than yesterday so I decided to give the hospital a visit. The physicals resulted in pulled ligaments and now I'm on sick leave for at least this week. And I guess, the revisit on Friday will result in that I should stay away from such fast-running sports for some time. Damn...


Ah, tomorrow I'll be back at action again. Yesterday I visited my doc again and asked for his comment and he gave me permission to work starting from Thursday. So in just a few hours from now I'll be working on more than a weeks backlog of work.

Lying around in bed for the last week was quite boring for most of the time until I gathered myself together and reconnected my Wii to the TV. From that time until today I've played surely a few hours of Zelda - Twilight Princess.

Starting last week I thought that I'd completed the game about short before two thirds. Now I've played about twice the way I'd played until last week and i still think that I'm at 2/3 of the game :) It's really a huge world but I really like that warping concept which makes it possible to reach most of the already visited spots in the game within a few minutes.


I'm sick again but this time a bit more serious than the three days which I were sick two weeks ago. This time I'm having more than 39°C fever and a heavy cough. Needless to say that I'm feeling really down...

I think I got this infection from my dad who was sick one day earlier than I've been. And meanwhile my mum and my sweetheart are also having light symptoms. I just hope that my darling makes it until Friday because she's got an important test in school then.