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Finally I found a sign of reference of Global Warming to Katrina, whose absence I recognized in a recent post.

Today an open letter from Michael Moore to George W. Bush arrived in my inbox. Besides forgiving him his unability to help the people in New Orleans he also encourages him to stay on track and ignore all those signs that Global Warning is the source of South-East US' balefulness.

Come on scientific folks, now's the time to dig up your old studies and warnings about ecological consequences of "Americas Way of Life" and bring it to peoples attention.


I don't know when he decided that he could throw away his anonymity but Salam Pax, you know, the one famous iraqi war blogger, gave an video interview about blogging to ZeD.

Go check out his blog again from time to time, gives still some insight into under-the-hood-Iraq.

According to his recent post, some sort of dictatory under al-Sadir is forming again.


from Blue Sky On Mars:


You want to know, why George W. Bush is called "Dubya"? Check here


Wired published an article concerning my yesterdays comment on election irregularities where people from universities claim that Florda E-Vote fraud is unlikely

Nevertheless, they also state that this doesn't mean that there were NO irregularities elsewhere...


On Lawrence Lessigs blog I found a link to some nice Maps and cartograms of the 2004 US presidential election results.

The first images on that page are the type of images you find all over in the press, indicating that Republicans have large support all over the US.

But below them you find the maps corrected accordingly to population in the different states and counties and these present a much more event picture.

I also support lessings call to make the exit poll data public so that professionals could take a deeper look into that exit poll vs. election result irregularity in counties where electronic voting machines have been used.


Daily Mirror summarizes this quite well:

How can 59.054.087 people be so DUMB?


Depression and Hope.


Last 24 hours have been a bit an up&down of my expectations from the US elections.

Yesterday morning I was quite sure that Kerry would make the race, into the evening I`ve been sitting in a depressed mood convinced that Bush will win. Into the night my hopes for Kerry rose again and my bet would have gone on him again.

Today morning this was cut down by the news that Bush got Florida and was far ahead of Kerry, keeping that mood until around 10 a.m. Then my hopes went up again when Ohio delayed its result.

Currently it`s going down again and calming on an unsure niveau because I think chances are not very high that Kerry can pick up Ohio through the outstanding votes...

One thought flew through my head two days ago: What if the Bush administration had already catched Bin Ladin and is just keeping the truth from publicity so that they can use him as a "ghost of terrorism" to manipulate the people as they wish with fear and uncertainty? The appearance of Bin Ladin videos often when Bush is under hard pressure strengthens my suspicion...


Are you still undecided if you should give your vote for Bush or for Kerry?

Well, look over these 100 facts and 1 opinion and don't even think of giving him your vote anymore!

This list contains many facts why the Bush Administration is one of the worst possible ones for the US. And every fact has links to official or media sources which prove their point.

I can't remember that there have been so many anti-president campaigns and actions and projects for any other previous president before... I hope this is not for nothing...


I stumbled across two great sites on MSNBC News which offer interactive and regulary updated comparisons of the two top presidental candidates: - Where do they stand? - Election scorecard - Extensive Overview (high bandwidth recommended)

These two provide great information on both Bush and Kerry and on the current state of the election race. Check 'em out!


I'm so glad that Uncommitted Voters Give Kerry Nod.

I almost thought that he fell behind G.W. in the last time but these news let me hold my head up.

Yeah, hope for the civilized world still exists!


The Left Coaster has a post on the american election polls how Gallup modifies its polls to give Bush a larger lead.

So if you are reading about polls and voter statistics these days don't trust them. There is just no ultimate lead for bush, it's just almost random number playing by the poll companies.


I hope that I find the time to watch team america when it comes out here.

Looks promising and funny :)


On the bostonDparty - 2004 Democratic National Convention Blog I just fount a transcript of Bill Clintons speech on the Democratic Convention.

I like this speech very much because it summarizes Bushs effects on America and the world and how Kerry wants to face them.

Just one note.
Clinton says at the beginning of his speech: "... Therefore, we Democrats will bring the American people a positive campaign, arguing not who?s good and who?s bad, but what is the best way to build the safe, prosperous world our children deserve...".
But later then he counts up point by point what Bush had done in the past and what was the result of his actions.

But this is my only point critic, the rest is just great.

I hope, that this convention gives Kerry the boost to take over the presidential role in autumn and do a good for the whole world.

"Bush urges EU membership for Turkey"

Why does G.W. always have to say what other states have to do?

He states, that Turkey meets all requirements for a membership in the EU, but of course he always thinks of himself. Trying to be friendly to Turkey just before he needs their good will for the NATO.

But perhaps he also has not so obvious interests: the EU is currently quite busy calming down from the recent expansion and is itself not ready to integrate another state of the size of Turkey.

Perhaps he hopes that the EU destabilizes itself with Turkey, giving the US back some of the influence in the world market and politics it had to give to the EU...


Yes I know, I'm late.
The pope taunts Bush for his actions in Iraq. See some headlines from the press.


You remember the card game which the US troops gave out in Iraq to find the most wanted people after the war?

Now get The Deck of Bush with 54 reasons why he shouldn't be reelected.

Also on this page is a counter which shows you the increasing cost of the war in Iraq. Quite impressing.


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