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Since my accident two years ago physical training has not really been one of my priorities. While I initially planned to catch up again at latest in autumn 2010 that didn't quite work out. This may or may not have been influenced by my continued University studies but at least it's a better excuse than plain laziness. There have been a few tries that year and 2011 again but in the end I didn't manage to come up with a regular schedule for any activity.

Nevertheless. A few weeks ago the announcement for the Business-Marathon was sent out in the company's email. I was asked by some people of my team and without much consideration I've been in a group of 8 who were to run 5.25km each. The marathon was still many weeks ahead and so a training plan was set up for two 5km-distances each week. As it's with every plan it also broke down (weather, work and other reasons) and in the end I had about five training rounds before the marathon took place.

During these rounds I experienced a buildup of my endurance which I haven't experienced this visibly ever before. The first time on the 5km I only ran for a few hundred meters before I had to slow down to walking for a break. And I had some serious muscle aces for the following two days. But already the on next run I could extend that distance quite a bit and had no muscle issues afterwards anymore. This tendency kept up all the time and during the marathon itself my first (of two) walking-breaks was at about 3.5km. It took me 36:10min for the 5.25km distance during the marathon btw, not a great time for a regular runner but a pretty good time for my 6th run ever I guess.

In the end I'm pretty happy with the results. During the training rounds I shortly thought of a personal goal to finish one full round without having to take a walking-break but I skipped that when it became clear that I could not take more training-rounds.

Currently I'm still in the mood to continue with this or a similar physical workout but what I need for that is really somebody else who joins me and leverages my motivation to the point where I actually get moving. I'm a group person and while it's possible to motivate me to almost any activity with others involved it's a rare occourence that you see me doing something on my own and alone...

Seems that I have to find some folks who are willing to join me and prevent me from falling back into laziness mode again.


In the past weeks I've become less and less active in the social networks I'm in. I'm not exactly sure why I'm currently leaning just to passive consumation of the information stream from those channels.

Maybe there is just to much on my mind. Maybe it's the other way around and I'm just trying to concentrate on some things while fighting procrastination with more our less success.

What has become more clear to me is that if I have stuff to do, it's much more probable to get done if I'm not alone but there is someone else around who also had work to do. One motivates the other. And while this approach is quite effective, at last for me, it is impossible that there is always someone available for providing mutual motivation when I need it until my studies are finished. So I still have to somehow manage to get my stuff done on my own.

Nevertheless, I'd like to thank those people who spent many hours on the past few weekends togheter with me working on our stuff and helping me with getting my stuff forward. THANK YOU!