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A few days ago I've still been undecisive about Twitter and today you can already find my Twitter feed online at

Setup was easy and fast (of course) and the first tweet has been online in a matter of minutes. What took a bit longer was to sieve out the initial list of other people to follow. There's a massive amount of stuff which is interesting to me but many of those also have a tweet-frequency which is much to high for me or contain too much of the trivia-tweets that I've mentioned in my previous post. And I want to keep my Twitter-list at a reasonable size that I don't have to spend too much time with catching up all the tweets. The decision for each feed is not easy, does it add enough information-value for me to add their tweets to my list or does it add more noise?

For now I've settled on feeds that only add a handfull of tweets each day so I can scan over all the news in a few moments and process the linked articles (if any) also quickly. But I also know that this will take some tweaking and accustoming from my side to find out the right balance between interest and value for me.

Since I'm on Twitter now only for a short time I also have to find out how I should set up my tweet-frequency and the content in each. Currently I think it's mostly exactly the trivia I'm trying to stay away in other feeds but I hope that I will level out somewhere that other readers also get some information out of it for themselves.

Futhermore I've decided for now that I'll keep my feed in German, as this is much easier for me to tweet when I'm posting from mobile and don't have an English dictionary at my fingertips (which I use too often even for my own taste). But nevertheless I will respond to tweets and messages in any language I can understand :)

Maybe over time I'll also connect this blog and SIMsalabim to my Twitter feed as it provides a very quick contact possibility for feedback and questions. But I don't know yet if this will happen sooner or later...


Finally, they got me. I've recently opened a PayPal account. I've been forced to this step because my hoster, who has transferred my Freepgs-account to his servers for free until now, has decided to take 3$ per year as payment to keep up this "free" hosting.

Three dollars is not even worth to mention, but nevertheless has to be paid somehow. And the only possibility for me is the Paypal-method as the other ones require either creditcard or giving personal data to companies I've never heard of.

So I finally got over my antipathy for such online-payment-services and signed up for an account. Maybe I can then also shop a bit easier abroad. There are already some sites (here or here) where the unability to purchase without giving creditcard or other personal information prevented me to acquire something.

For now I've tried to transfer 25EUR from my bank account to PayPal. It's stated, that it can take a few days for the transfer to arrive.

I'm curious how this works out...