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You may remember that about half a year ago I had some thoughts about how to change the photo hosting platform for this blog. Up to that day I used Flickr when I recognized that they had changed their licenses and external linking policy. The new conditions in the license and policy did not allow embedding of photos from external locations anymore. Since that time I've been using a workaround (by embedding Google Photo images via the legacy Picasa Web albums interface) for the images in my blog postings.

Well, it seems that Flickr/Yahoo has revised their decision again. I guess it has something to do with their tries to get back into mainstream again and is very probable connected to their incredible 1TB Flickr relaunch.

But not only do they allow external embedding again, they even reenabled that functionality at a much more accessible location than before. Via the "Share" symbol, which is available at any location within Flickr, you can immediately access the sharing/embedding menu for photos or albums on Flickr.

For me personally this makes the decision not easier. Back in November I began using Googles services for photo hosting which allows embedding but is not really straightforward as it requires the workaround I mentioned above (via the Picasaweb-interface) to retrieve the sharing HTML code. And that code wasn't 100% correct as it contained some invalid links which I had to fix manually.

I guess, I'll switch back to Flickr again for new albums in the future but continue to use Google Photos/Picasaweb for the ones which I created there. It's nice to see that there are still some companies out there who reconsider past decisions and revert them. Enabling integration of provided services at independend locations instead of locking in any data/files/information the users provide is in my opinion a key factor to make it possible for others to leverage the services to otherwise impossible solutions.


I've just finished one of my postponed small projects and when I began preparing the posting of the results here I hit the issue that I'm not sure how to share photos into this blog.

In the past my solution was to upload all my photos I wanted to share to Flickr and cross-link the images in this blog. But the times have changed and I'm nowadays much more integrated with Google's services which also includes a photo hosting service. Furthermore also Flickr has changed its policies on photo reuse so that reusing images from that platform is not as easy anymore as it had been in the past. But that's also not really much easier with Google Photos as it involves some non-intuitive access to the images for sharing. But it would greatly ease up the uploading and processing stage for images and also allow much easier download of the collections in case I wanted to transfer it again to another platform.

Another point to consider is that up until now I have (more or less) successfully been able to seperate this "anonymous" blog from my real names and more personal social media interactions. Looking up my real name wouldn't reveal contents from this blog and vice versa. Using images from Google's platform would require to include a link back to my Google+ profile, making it easier for others (advertisers, stalkers, search engines?) to connect this blog to my real world presence. I'm not really sure if I'm ready to take this dent in the freedom of this blog or add the influence of the information contained in this blog to my professional life. But that's another issue I've been tinkering for some time already...

Well, for now I think there is no clear conclusion for me yet. I'll think a bit more on that and also the privacy-issue mentioned above. Maybe I'll post an update for the project in the meantime using Flickr even if I'm undecided but no guarantees on that.


As promised I've begun to sort and upload photos from our holiday in Egypt. You can view the photos in my Egypt photoset.

This photoset is not yet completed, so check back from time to time. Maybe there are additional pictures uploaded :)

Nicely carved melon


Yes, I'm still alive. Just had quite few spare time because I had to manage to get my tiles and organize everything with the tiler (which is still not finished). Furthermore work and university have been quite time-consuming lately.

Nevertheless to give you a bit of an excuse, I've found a few seconds of time to play with my cam again and here are the two shots which I like most.

The first is a tunnel exit where I had only seconds to get the cam, turn it on and fire, so please excuse the low image quality.

On the second picture I tried to make some long-exposure shots of a fountain but only this one at 1.5sec came out nicely and not too overexposed. I still have to practice at this. Furthermore I want to buy a small tripod because I couldn't find a nice location to stabilize the cam during the shot but had to place it on a trash bin and tilt it a bit with a handkerchief.


The light at the end of the tunnel

Night fountain


Ok, I admit that it took way longer than one week until my F31 arrived two days ago. The seller had to take it to the Fuji service one more time because apparently there was still something wrong with it and in the end they had to clean up the whole inside, removing humidity and dust. I have no clue how these managed their way into the case but it did definitely not happen while I had the cam. And then there were some issues about taking the additional costs and shipping etc. but in the end I paid additional 40Eur and the package was sent into my direction.

Until now the thing works correctly and without any flaws and I hope it stays this way for a long time...

PS.: Just one drawback, the guy which sold me the cam silently changed the contained xD memory card from H type (high speed) to M type (normal), but I'm tired of fighting and since the H-type card was never announced or described on the eBay offering, I'll let this case rest.


There are some news on my recently acquired camera obscura, which was failing instanly. After some misunderstandings in our communication the seller offered to take it back, repair it on his own cost and send it to me again. Initially I had some headaces with this suggestion, as then the seller would have both, the camera and my money, and I would have nothing for some time. Eventually after some discussion I agreed and sent the whole package back to him. Last Saturday I got the message that the package was received and that it will be taken to service this Monday. Today I was notified that the Fuji support needs to order some parts from elsewhere (well, if the lens is failing and the F31 is a discontinued model which is already rare on all markets, it's not that hard to guess, which part has to be ordered from far away) and that the seller expects the camera to return by the end of this week.

So far it seems, everything is going well, better than I expected.

If the schedule holds, which I do not expect because of the rareness of F31 parts, the cam should arrive in my hands by around mid next week.

Furthermore, if the cam prooves to be working and produce the images I expect the seller will be happy with a quite positive feedback.


Well, I had some time to play with my cam now and the results are... disappointment... After about one day, the display showed "Focus error" and the lens did not slide back into the cam after turning it off.

Of course, the seller on eBay insists, that it was working when he sent it to me.

Now I hope that the Fuji Support can help me somehow, even if it costs some more. Unless it keeps within the 100EUR range, it's still in the price range where it's available elsewhere on eBay.



My recently acquired F31fd arrived today. I'm already super curious on what pictures I'll be able to shoot and will try it out thoroughly. We'll see, how it will work out...


Last Sunday the time was right. Stumbling over a cheap offer, I quickly arranged the acquisition of my favorite Point&Shoot digital camera, the Fujifilm F31fd. I had to act quickly because when I saw the offering, it was quite cheap and possible to instant-buy, so it was to expect that this auction wouldn't last very long. I want to thank the girlfriend of my bro' for assisting me with the eBay-handling of the whole transactions.

The rapid decision was done by the calculation, that if the unexpected event happens and the F100fd has better image quality and features than the pre-reviews currently available suggest, I still can sell the cam on eBay again and with a high chance will get back more money than I had to pay for it. The wonders of market economics, buy low sell high :)

I guess that it will arrive somewhere around the beginning of next week, sadly I missed carnival with some quite nice opportunities for great shots.


For a few days now I've been actively looking for a digital camera. More specifically I've put my attention onto the Fujifilm FinePix F31fd. But it's not so easy to get my hands on this cam since it's a discontinued model which was introduced 2005 or 2006 and has now reached its end of production. Which is a pitty, because from almost all of the reviews I've been digging through and sample images I've compared, the F31fd leaves the arena as winner. It produces better images than many of today's high MP-cameras and has excellent picture-quality even in low light situations. (Example Review)

I'm trying to get it from eBay, but the bids there easily reach far over 300EUR.

Not that cheap for a 6,3MP camera it might seem, but given today's megapixel-craziness people are fooled into thinking that more pixels mean better pictures. To the contrary, more megapixels on smaller sensors mean that they have to be more sensitive to catch enough light for image recognition. But this also raises the noise which then again has to be fought by the camera logic, effectively using some sort of blurring which again lowers the final resolution of the image.

If you'd like to know more about the megapixel-hype and what's the reality behind it, head over to for the technical reasons.

In the meantime, I'll keeping an eye on eBay...

Update 2008-01-24: Just about today, Fujifilm has anounced some more cameras I'm keeping an eye on, these really look promising and don't cost too much. Damn, now I have to wait and choose wisely:


When I read about this command in the HP printer control, I just couldn't resist...



Last Saturday I was doing something in my room when my view catched the red glow outside the house. Normally I just go to the window and let the sunset impress me some time but this time I had the camera lying near and decided to capture it.

Now it serves as quite a nice desktop wallpaper.


Ok, as promised here I'm presenting pictures from our kitchen after it has arrived. These were taken on October 6th, immediately after the carpenters have finished their last screw. Even dust particles are still floating around and visible on the images. The cables for light installations are still hanging out and only a few sockets are already mounted.

As you can see we chose maple colors and modern looking handholds on the front surfaces. Overall the quality of everything is quite high, there is storage possibility on almost every place and the whole assembly has some neat functions here and there. For example:

  • drawers have a soft-close mechanism, no more drawer-slamming
  • doors and drawers have a quick-mount mechanism, take out and put back in within seconds
  • every corner is a 'magic corner cabinet' so no space is wasted just without range
  • the working-surface on the pitched-roof-wall has extra depth, to save your forehead and provide working area
  • and lots of other little nifty stuff

On then, some comments to each photo:

On the first one (kitchen_left) you see the left side of the room starring the cooking and baking area. Nice feature of the stove are an alarm and automatic turn-off timer as well as sliding arms for the baking trays. The ceramic stove top is incredible. The hot plates are hot after three seconds latest, timed with my (afterwards burnt) palm. The hood is also equipped with auto-turnoff-timers. The sink is nothing special, perhaps to note that it's an enlarged corner-sink. Below the sink is a rotateable waste- cleaning-stuff-storage system with several pull-out buckets for separating waste and keeping cleaning equipment together.

The middle part (kitchen_middle) features the AAA dishwasher and a customized shelf handmade by our carpenters. The diswasher is again equipped with all sorts of automatic stuff like start-timer, electronic measurements of salt- and rinse aid-status and automatic detection of how dirty the dishes are (including clean-water recycling from the last run). As said above the surface on this side has extended depth and the drawers are jumbo-sized too. The drawer on the right bottom can hold more than two trays of beer.

And on the right side (kitchen_right) there is our star: a full-sized pull-out pantry. This one commonly causes "Wow"s from visitors. Next to it the fridge and freezer. Nothing very special there, only automatic de-iceing and antibacterial surface-coating inside. On the very right border of the image there are a few milimeters of the window visible. We had to cut the window sill on the left side so that the cabinet for fridge and freezer could be placed flat on the wall. Just a few moments of fun with the angle grinder.

Well that's been the look from late October. Today it looks even better since almost all furniture is ready and the other equipment is there.