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Yes, it's been a long time again. Seems that the period for my postings is not anymore in the day- but in the months-range. Sorry for that, but you have to believe me when I say that I thought of it several times and just had no time or computer near to put my thoughts down.

University is stressfull as ever (only a slight easing in the recent days, but don't let my colleagues know!) and my work duties get harder and harder the closer we come to a certain release date of our project.

So, anything I can find time for currently is to quickly give you a list of some videos I can recommend to relax and recharge your batteries.


From time to time there is just the need to calm down and chill out a bit. If I'm in the need of some cooling-off-minutes I often just fire up another tab on the browser and head to the video below. It's an ultra slow-motion footage of a Saturn V rocket launch underlaid with a very fitting soundtrack.

For me it is just impressive how much power is generated during this liftoff and what quantities of fuel are burned each second (15 tons each second). To get a size impression just have a look at this image where Dr. von Braun is standing in front of the five F-1 engines from the rocket.

If you'd like to have a technical commentary on a Saturn V launch then head over to this video (Update 2014-01-27 new link to Vimeo), otherwise lean back and relax with this one: