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As the title says. Not much has happened since the last posting. Christmas has been a bit stressful with several attempts of appropiate gift-finding and driving around followed by a quite nice Christmas Eve. On 25th I felt a bit sick followed by massive down-ness yesterday and a bit relief today. I hope the trend continues so that I'm healthy again soon.


Headache, fever and hurting arms and legs.

I'm getting ill in the last two days of my attendance, but I don't expect something to happen in these last hours. Been in bed the whole day, watching TV/DVD, reading magazines and sleep. But I don't feel much better now, perhaps the peak of illness will strike this night or tomorrow.

Damn, I have to get up on Monday no matter if I'm ill or not:

  • I have to pass on the attendance phone
  • I'm getting new shock absorbers onto my car, this should be the last thing to fix from the accident. Hopefully...