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A few days ago I have been told again that my blog lacks the 'Like' button. Since that has not been the first time that I received this request and I had a few spare hours yesterday I decided to give it a go.

But I didn't want to include the social networking buttons of the most common networks without further care. From other webpages I know that some 'Like' buttons add significantly to the load and display time of websites if they are not very multimedia intense. I consider my blog to exactly fall into that category and therefore I want to avoid to double page loading times just for adding some tiny icons. Furthermore, in the mist of the Snowden/NSA revealations, I do not want to the visits of my postings to be automatically tracked by a multitude of different companies all over the internet.

Granted, I use Google Analytics for tracking the visits to my blog and individual posts to find out which area draws the most interest and how much traffic in general is receiving at my blog, but I set the "anonymizeIp"-parameter in my tracking to disallow the storage of detailled visitor IP addresses for Analytics processing. Yeah, I know it's not 100% anonymous and you still have to trust Google to respect this setting independend of their promises, but for me that's the acceptable balance between cost and benefit.

Back to the social network integration. To value the visitors experience and proactively counter the NSAs tracking abilities I decided to use a 2-staged approach in my blog. This means to Like/Tweet/+1 one of my postings or see the number of tweets/+1's (doesn't currently work for FB) one has to "activate" the specific button with a single click in advance. If this activation is not performed, no data or request is sent to the respecting server/company.

In my blog I use the solution of the Heise publisher, 2 Klicks f�r mehr Datenschutz, which they provide free for usage on their project page. It took me some time to integrate it on my blog, mainly because the sourcecode which they provide is not compatible to recent versions of jQuery and already a bit out of sync with integration changes by the social network buttons. The version used on is more up to date but not yet reflected on its project pageI wrote a notice about that to the writers of the plugin but have only received an automatic reply so far. We'll see...

Nevertheless, the integration on my blog is finished so far and some other Javascript code has also received a small overhaul. The loading time of my pages shouldn't be too much affected, there is only a small visual inconsistency left. If you don't notice it, don't bother. Maybe I'll manage to fix it, otherwise not much harm is done, at least in my opinion.


A few days ago I've still been undecisive about Twitter and today you can already find my Twitter feed online at

Setup was easy and fast (of course) and the first tweet has been online in a matter of minutes. What took a bit longer was to sieve out the initial list of other people to follow. There's a massive amount of stuff which is interesting to me but many of those also have a tweet-frequency which is much to high for me or contain too much of the trivia-tweets that I've mentioned in my previous post. And I want to keep my Twitter-list at a reasonable size that I don't have to spend too much time with catching up all the tweets. The decision for each feed is not easy, does it add enough information-value for me to add their tweets to my list or does it add more noise?

For now I've settled on feeds that only add a handfull of tweets each day so I can scan over all the news in a few moments and process the linked articles (if any) also quickly. But I also know that this will take some tweaking and accustoming from my side to find out the right balance between interest and value for me.

Since I'm on Twitter now only for a short time I also have to find out how I should set up my tweet-frequency and the content in each. Currently I think it's mostly exactly the trivia I'm trying to stay away in other feeds but I hope that I will level out somewhere that other readers also get some information out of it for themselves.

Futhermore I've decided for now that I'll keep my feed in German, as this is much easier for me to tweet when I'm posting from mobile and don't have an English dictionary at my fingertips (which I use too often even for my own taste). But nevertheless I will respond to tweets and messages in any language I can understand :)

Maybe over time I'll also connect this blog and SIMsalabim to my Twitter feed as it provides a very quick contact possibility for feedback and questions. But I don't know yet if this will happen sooner or later...


For quite a while now I'm having an eye on Twitter. In the beginning I soon stopped to check it regularly because most of the messages just were meaningful in a context unknown to the reader and weren't even useful as short amusement or something. Nevertheless from time to time I still looked into it especially when there were links from other blogs or news articles centering around it and its technology.

Meanwhile, while there are still lots of those low-value tweets around, some effective real-world uses have emerged. Ranging from instant news (even directly from the NASA Astronauts) to direct product support channels and even political content there are nowadays a lot of Twitter feeds which can affect a much larger audience than just personal messages. This is also represented in Twitters message question which now says "What's happening?" instead of "What are you doing?".

And because of this shift in focus and content I'm again rethinking my opinion of Twitter and really considering to join this social network. Which would also open an additional communication channel to the users who try out SIMsalabim.

But I still have to think about this a bit because currently I'm already drowning in all the news-sources I've set up on Google Reader, FeedReader and email, SMS, IM, etc. I'll already have to find some time in the future to re-check each and every feed and news-source I've listed and sift out the ones which I can really afford to spend my precious time on. And I guess with another source of instant distraction, like Twitter, this wouldn't get any easier...