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Yesterday the vintage from last week was continued and finished for this year. As everytime we started at 8am. Again, this time we were lucky with the weather and altough we were less people than last time, we finished earlier with more lines harvested.

Bunny was also with us. Since he was too small to help us with clipping the grapes, he decided to supervise us from an elevated spot. After the hard work later on he decided to say goodbye to the rest of the day :)


Today my next two weeks of vacation started. It's on Tuesday from now on because I aligned my vacation schedule with my companies sprints. That's better now because I'm not absent any more on the Sprint demo and retrospective of the sprint I've been present and also do not have to spend a day with demo and retro of a sprint where I haven't been present at all.

On this first vacation day I've been helping with the vintage of some relatives almost all day. Luckilly for us the weather today and in the last few days has been very good so that today we did not have to work in mud and dirt but instead had to put off our jackets because the temperatures were that high. And with vintage comes every time free catering :)