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Our Lord Of The Ring Extended Edition Triple Feature on Saturday was a complete success. Everyone who was present enjoyed it and those who weren't there have surely missed something great. We're looking forward for similar events in the future.

Thanks everyone for helping cleaning up afterwards.


Two days ago I bought a bottle of Maresi Kaffeemilch - Vanille out of curiosity.

Put it into my coffee instead of the standard milk and whoa... this stuff is great!

If this fluid wouldn't be that expensive (I bought it for ~1.50? and that's already 50% off) for such little milk (200ml) I'd never take another caffeine addon.

Shared it with others at work and they're also impressed of its taste.

Perhaps I'll ignore the price one or two times and try the other two flavours, caramel and hazelnut.

I found out that the full price of the vanilla-milk is already 1.50?, just that the cashier in the shop didn't enter the 50% reduction in her terminal.


Whoa, my blog has been linked by the Mind Hacks author Matt Webb in his blogs post. Check that out, more mind-hacking insights over there.

He stumbled over my post where I described my own caffeine ritual.

Well, in the meantime I thought a bit more about my caffeine affinity. The result is that my ritual is even larger than I initially thought, it also involves other people. Particulary, I only start the whole coffee-stuff in the morning, when my co-worker has arrived and has agreed in my instant question "Coffee?". Guess, I'm involved in his morning-ritual too.


I'm currently organizing a "Lord of the Rings" Extended Edition Triple Feature with some of my friends because I'll try to get my hands on the last Extended Edition of the LotR trilogy DVDs, which should be available by Dec 10th.

We'll use a video projector and and my Surround Sound System for providing us with a >14 hour lasting Middle Earth Experience.

Dammit, only the strong will survive! ;)


Today I stumbled over two new(?) techniques to produce energy for the world. One large scale the other one tiny scale but both quite interesting: - Solar Stirling engine in Power Plant - Micro jet engine in your mobile phone

I think, the jet-type is the cooler one but the Stirling type is the more interesting one. You also can - Buy a stirling engine - or build your own

But both are nothing compared to my homemade nuclear reactor, har har!


I'm always driving my computer into hibernate mode when I leave it but today I had to reboot it after a driver update.

Since reboots always take a while I left the room and returned one and a half hour later. Imagine my face when I saw the monitor still displaying the reboot process... I discovered that everytime it entered graphical mode, just before displaying the mouse pointer, the machine resetted and the boot-process began again.

No matter what I did, I couldn't re-enter windows again: - booting in protected mode - booting with boot-log enabled (log was empty then) - CHKDSK from recovery console - Simple repair from recovery console - throotling down BIOS preferences

After that I only had left to try the hard repair. This is reachable if you don't choose "Repair" immediately but "Install" and later, when you can select an already existing installation, you can choose a "harder" repair option, which not only checks a few system files but performs a in-depth replacement and re-setup of the system but keeping most (not all) of previous settings.

I had to perform that three times, the first two locked up when I hit "Next" on the local-settings setup dialog.

The third attempt was successful and I endet up with an running windows again with most stuff working as before the incident.

What not worked and hit me first was an error with the RAS-Service, when I tried to dial in into the internet. Didn't work because all my dialup connections have disappeared and I couldn't create a new one, always ending up with a senseless error. I found out that the "RAS connection manager" (RAS Verbindungsverwaltung) service wasn't running and when I tried to start it: "Error 5: Access is denied".

After digging through some forums and newsgroups I landet on Microsofts Knowledgebase article "You cannot create a network connection after you restore Windows XP" altough I was running Windows 2000.

But deleting the two registry folders as suggested brought back all of my dialup services and connections again.

Well, next stuff that doesn't work is sound altough everything seems set up right and no error is visible anywhere. After that I think I remember from previous repairs that Microsoft office will have problems...


Today I came across a sample chapter of O'Reilly's Mind Hacks. This book explains some things which are going on in your head and why they work as they do.

This sample chapter is about the effects of the internal reward system of the brain and explains them on the example of caffeine. It says that when you get "addicted" to caffeine it trains you to bring up some ritual when drinking coffee or tea. You begin to do special things or use special stuff while getting the caffeine into yourself.

Then I thought about myself, when I get my morning-coffee every day and was surprised that I have created such a ritual too. I never thought of that before.

At first I get one of our company-cups with the branding on it from our pre-company-takeover. We have two sorts of such cups, I always take the large one. If none of that cups is available I can also live with other cups but the coffee doesn't taste the same way then. After that I put it into the coffee brewing automata thingie and tell it to bring down two half cups. While the machine is working on my requests I take three stripes of sugar, shake the sugar on one side of them, rip of the other side and put all three portions into the mug, the coffee still dropping down from the brewer. While the remaining fluid is flowing I turn around and take one of the flat thick coffee spoons and put it into the mug too. Then I reach for Maresi coffee milk. After a few seconds the coffee brewer should have finished brewing and I take my cup out of it. Having stirred up the sugar in the mug I fill up the remaining fourth of the cup with milk. Stir a bit more, voi'la, ready!

My rite is such straight forward that I'm a bit stuck. If for example no milk is available I don't recognize that before the coffee is already dripping and sugar has been put into it. So what then? Well, I've to search the whole building for a bottle of milk.

When I "discovered" my behaviour I didn't expect that, I wonder if I have other such rituals...


Perhaps you have noticed it: I've upgraded my left panel... * updated the links * added a section "Recent Stumbles"

This new section shows links I've visited and marked as "I like it" with the StumbleUpon toolbar. The StumbleUpon network throws me on random pages suggested by other StumbleUpon users ("Stumblers") according to my interests. Looks nice :)

I then can rate them as "I like it!" or "Not-for-me" and the system learns more about my likes and dislikes. Also, if I rate a page as nice, an RSS Feed with my "I like it!" sites gets updated.

With help of the RSS Feed plugin I was able to integrate this feed into my blog. And now every time I blog, the list of my 5 recent visited/rated sites gets updated.

I've been looking for something like that for some time already but I haven't found anything until I stumbled across the StumbeUpon/RSSFeed combination. This is exactly what I was searching for.


Just some random pieces thrown together: - had no chance to see the third debatte of Bush vs. Kerry yet, waiting at home on video tape - lots of work in the next few weeks, several releases and very tight schedules, I have doubts if we make them all without slipping schedules - again trying to rip Wikipedia down onto a DVD. Content is larger than 4.7 GB, so I'm using HTMLZip to compress the files. Causes much pain, because slow and can't write compressed file over original one. Have to hand-carve batch-scripts for >500.000 files and work around all intermediate errors - creating a DVD containing all my aeon-old games which lie around on dusty diskettes and in old backup-zipfiles on my HDDs (really old games, like Dune or WarCraft 1) including latest patches,updates and even lots of emulation-stuff. Lots of effords when digging for the latest edition or patch of >10yr. old games


I stumbled across a site called Aroud the World in 80 Ideas which presents 80 ideas how to improve economic and social systems. Complete with practical examples around the globe.

I just surfed through some of the ideas but found them to seem practical for many systems.

For example Idea 78: The invisible voucher suggests bringing up an "internal market" through creating some rivality between state education places. Oversimplified summary: Parents can send their children to the best school in their opinion, schools get more money when they can attract more children. So, naturally, the schools try to get better and better to get more money.

I think all of our politicans should take a look at those ideas, perhaps they find something which could be practical for us too. It has to be practical a bit because it already worked somewhere else...


In the company where my brother works there are rumours coming up about relocating the whole production to Slovenia. Nothing official yet but the rumours are causing many thoughts around the company... Only a prototyping factory should stay here with a few workers left.

I really have no doubt that my bro' is one of the highly competent people who will stay at the current location but he thinks without doubts that the decissions who can stay won't be based on the competence of the people.

On my side I again thought a lot about how it would be to switch employee. A switch of a colleague caused that.

Well, dunno exactly what holds me left at my current company but it surely has something to do with my colleagues and with my feeling for responsibility. I want that our customers can rely on what they bought but I have some doubts that my fellows can compensate my leaving fast enough. It's not that they aren't clever enough it's just because I have burdened responsibility for so many areas on my back. And in a few of that areas I'm the only knowledge-holder in company...


Two days ago we got the defective notebook back from support.

Everything works as expected, no problems at all. They changed the mainboard and performed a Bios- and DVD-Burner-update.

My first tries with Knoppix 3.6 are somewhat successful. It seems to support the power-saving features but I failed with suspend/standby/hibernate. Reboots when coming back from those modes...

Well, perhaps things go better when Knoppix is lying on the HDD and not running from CD.


I'll start into my second vacation week of this year in about 15 minutes, so it's possible that this post can be the last for the next week.

What makes this a bit less likely is that I saw that somehow my yesterday's post somehow has no permalink. If you look at my index page, there is "Posted to Personal by Kosi2801 at | Comments (0)". No permalink with the time after "at".

I tinkled around a bit, if I add another post everything is ok but if it contains the same message from yesterday, the permalink is gone. Very strange.

I'll try to tackle it down by removing parts of the message until I can reproduce it with minimal content and then debug my templates, perhaps it's something in there.


A friend of mine shortly pointed me to his website, Project SCA.

There he offers an open-source class collection for common PHP tasks for download.

I cannot tell much about the quality or usefulness of the code, I'm not an experienced PHP coder, so I can just give opinion in other areas. For example the website still lacks nice examples and the contact- and language-buttons on the top right side are a bit out of view. Perhaps they would fit better below the menu entries on the left.

Otherwise the website makes a clean and ordered impression, easy to look at.

Perhaps the stuff would also fit good somewhere on as a project. There it would also be easier for other people to stumble across and the whole project management would be in an uniform environment.

BTW.: Commenting on posts is back, but some leftovers from my experiments are still left. Ignore that parts with the security code, they are disfunctional and have no effect whatsoever.


Today I got a package from the Federal Ministry of Inner Things (?) and a certificate which entitles me to carry the degree engineer.

I requested it two weeks ago after having enough active working time enabling me to get it.

Ok, now I'm an engineer, so what? I don't have more knowledge than before, I don't get a higher salary (at least in my company)... What is it good for?

Well, perhaps if I have to do with authorities this could make some things easier, don't know yet.

Let's see, what changes...


I just was asked why I take the time to blog.

Well, this has no easy answer. In fact I can give no definive reason why I blog but I can give some thoughts which came into my mind over time.

Blogging could be a vent to take some stress from me at work. It could take more from my back if I decided to give deeper information about my job and the environment but this could also backfire quite a bit. I already thought about that earlier, but I'm still not sure...

It could also be a way to remember things. Perhaps in five years I'll read through my blog and and think of how it was at that time, what things I was busy with, what concerned me and so on.

I also practice english writing and enhance my vocabulary.

Another possibility could be to get in touch with people which are interested in the same thinds as I am. I regulary fly take a short look somewhere into my visitor logs, look where they come from and what they were looking for on my site.
Visitors can also leave comments on each of my blog entry, check out the link below each post if you care.

Surely if I thought about that more I could come up with some more speculation but I really don't know exactly why I do some things and don't do others.

Other people collect stamps or memorize phone books, I blog. Small hobby but nevertheless.


I may have a strange humour, but doesn't sound a subject like "American Cancer Society Needs Beta Testers" a bit strange?

Wanna beta-test our new cancer? ;)


The last two days were hot. Quite hot, both days over 30?C.

I went swimming with my girlfriend the first time this year, unluckily I got no chance before.

And of course I was much too active in the water, leaving me with hurting muscles and totally exhausted.

Today it seems to get hot again, guess how I'll feel this evening ;)


This somehow reminds me of myself.
Well, not 'bout the music part but I also practiced (and partly still do) passive software abuse.

But I would never try to make money with software I don't legally own. This is not me and never will be.

Why shouldn't I give credit to the creators of software when their software aided me in gathering bucks?


For some days now I have quite some trouble to get my work ICQ to successfully connect.

The best thing I get is the yellow flower but in most cases I get a "Too many login attemts" or "Could not connect, Try again". Dammit.

It could possibly be something with our network but I somehow doubt that because others have no problems connecting.

The only way to get "Online" is by ICQ2Go, the Web-Interface based ICQ..

I also tried some Linux-Clients, no success either.

I expect there to be some error on the server side of my profile which prevents me from logging in... Hm....


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