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NASA Gives OK to Fix Hubble Telescope.

This is (finally) good news for space science, they found a way to go around the "risk for astronauts": They'll be fixing it during a robotic mission.


Today a friend of mine who looks into this blog from time to time told me that my english is sometimes a bit strange (to say it in a nice way).

Well, while I think that this can surely be true, I also think that I'm way off of being absolutely incomprehensible.

I think it's caused because during my development I only need telegram-style english and in other areas I barely ever need proper english.

I'm just lacking practice, but feel free to tell me all my errors :)


Yeah, I've got the jackpot. I'm on vacation and became ill. Yesterday morning I woke up with a quite hurting throat and a bloody handkerchief next to my bed. Must have been up at night, blowing my nose and blood coming up my throat.

Hope, I'll be okay again until the 21st, when the All Hands Meeting will take place.


The last two days I lost two DVD+R's in my effords to burn the english Wikipedia on them.

The first day I failed in even getting to the point where it actually accesses the DVD burner to look for a medium.

It seems, that there is no DVD burning tool somewhere out anywhere, which can burn a filestructure with >560.000 files and ~1600 directories.

Aheads Nero already encounters an "Out of memory" during creation of the filesystem in RAM way before it asks for a DVD+R media.
Just to note, you can change the error to "Encountered an unexpected exception" if you switch the filesystem from ISO to UDF ;)

Pinnacles "Instant CD/DVD" lets you generate a DVD image but asks you for a 6.5 GB sized media, if you use ISO/UDF or just UDF filesystem, but in the preview calculation it says it needs 4.5 GB. If you only use ISO, it really just needs 4.5 GB.

It even manages to burn the DVD and everything looked alright in the first place, but soon I discovered, that only the file index was complete. There were randomly files missing on the DVD... "Unable to open star_trek.html", et cetera.
Then I tried to write an ISO image to HDD (which Instant DVD is capable of) and then burn it with Nero.
Generating worked, burning worked, opening? Nope, can't even view the directories, "Media in drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?"

I have to get my hands on a DVD+RW, so I can erase the misburned tries again, should be much more cost effective than throwing DVD+R's out of the window.

And in every application, importing the files in a project takes eons... From starting up the burning-app to the final burned DVD it tooks at least 4 hours, 2 hours importing files in the project, 10 minutes checking the DVD burning parameters, 2 hours burning. Can't burn with higher speed, the burning cache would buffer underrun because of the massive amount of small file handling.


This weekend I'm completely lonely at home. My grandmother is in hospital, my parents are in a uncle's house in the alps and my girlfriend is on a town-party with a friend of her.

So I invited a friend and now we're playing a bit in a small LAN.


I just received a totally different sort of spam. Its source is (of course) Nigeria.

Short summary:
It's about a crist who was a legal adviser to someone and managed to get his hands on thirty million US-dollars through someones last will.
But he fell off of Christianity and shipped the money abroad for invest. Then he somehow converted back to Christs believe and now needs somebody to help him to get the money back into the country to spend it to a ministry for the work of God.

Now they even go for your belief.

Well, I'll post his email-address here to be picked up by spammers, dialers and porn lists. Perhaps his inbox will fill up and he'll stop buggin' people.

Hm, should I put him on som high-load newsletters myself?


My Birthday yesterday was the worst one I ever had.

In the morning, I took my girlfriend to her home to be taken to hospital for check by her mom. But her mother didn't care to drive her, so I had to bring her there myself and then taker her to school. This took me ~120 km and 2-3 hours of work.

In the evening then my girlfriend and her mother ended up in a conflict which originated in my girlfriend turning the volume on the TV set down a bit (her mom suddenly turned it up quite loud without any aparent reason) and ending with girlfriend moving out from home.

And then she asks me, why I'm not happy on my birthday, I just reached one of my long-term goals, to take my girlfriend to my home.

Yes, I reached that goal, but I didn't want it to happen in THAT way.

Why do both women always have to have the last word in a conflict? No one can leave the last sentence of the other unanswered.


Just jumped over to Teitan to look for something new and yes... there is something new!

Teitan upgraded his words from text to a nice black&white image. But in a corner, he added some more words ordered top to bottom, rightbound (without commas):
"you, areso(?), infinite, mylove, nothingyou, meanto, everythingto, proveme, isright" (the second word is a bit unclear). Some parts of the words are colored brighter: "in my nothing you mean everything to me".
The background of the image is somehow structured like rough cloth. And the whole page has a new title: "devotion"

Similar happenings on bizas page. Image, Black&White, text to image, small text in corner: "schon immer, noch immer, f?r immer". Title: "addiction".

For me the fascinating thing on bizas image is that somehow in the background a structure looking similar to a crying face with closed eyes is visible. And the general backround structure seems to be smoke and fire.

Well, if teitan or biza stumble across my comments, they might think "What the..." or why I mention the changes of their sites. Hm, I don't know exactly. Perhaps it is because one can do so much interpretation on the synchronized evolution of both pages, or perhaps it's just because I'd like to know something of my friends, even if we don't meet very often anymore. Perhaps it's also just curiosity.

Teitan&Biza, keep up doing, what you've been doing so far :)


I don't know if anybody already had the idea to combine the Ad-Hoc-Networking of WLAN, where client devices build up networks dynamically, and the VoIP-technology.

A'la Walkie-Talkie-Style ;)

I don't have thought into that deeper, but there could be many possibilities of usage.


Last week a co-worker asked me if I could help a friend of his brother with some C++ homework. I agreed.

I found out that he was attending distance learning and was completely new to programming and C++.

He gave me the homework examples and I wrote them for him so that he can view them and hopefully learn from it.

We'll meet soon and I'll install Visual Studio on his computer and learn some more.

I just didn't draw the structograms which were needed for some examples, I was just too lazy first off and later I had not enough time anymore.
Just told him that I couldn't find my papers from school anymore to fresh up my structogram-knowledge, which is not exactly the truth but not a complete lie. I really don't know some aspects of structograms anymore.

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I don't know, but does anybody have noticed, that the TV station Pro 7 does more for the people than the other stations in germany?

I mean, I'm just watching "Geniale Erfinder", a show presenting the results of the "Wissenspreis" challenge, which pushes young inventors in germany.
And then I thnk of the "Red Nose Day", "Galileo, "Welt der Wunder" and some other minor shows (regarding lifestyle and news, see the Pro 7 Wissen- und Livestyle Portal).

Why is a non-state station better in providing general knowledge and encouragement than even a most state-driven TV stations?


This weekend my father, my girlfriend and I were working in the upper floor. We pulled up a new wall for our slowly growing own apartment.

I can feel many muscles in my body crying for careful massage. If I had to guess, I'd say I have moved about 500 kilograms 2 meters upwards on a dangerous looking construct of ladders and planks on the side of the wall.

Lifting up 20-25 kg bricks and tubs of concrete all the day only with my bare hands and arms leaves its signs.

Going for a nice shower...


You must not let your girlfriend go shopping alone. No, don't do it. Never.

Two days ago she drove to an animal shop to buy a new fish because an old one died.

What did she bring home? Some pharmaceuticals for the fishes (because the fish died on illness) and...
two little bunnies in a huge cage.


Our affiance celebration yesterday was great. Almost everything ran like planned, and the meal was very well prepared.

Everyone had fun and all people were happy.
Thanks everyone for being there!

Now I have to get comfortable with my ring, it is just a bit too wide, so that it dangles a bit on my finger, but it can't be tightened because then I can't get it over my knuckle.


Tomorrow it'll be official, we will celebrate our affiance with our relatives.

Today we picked up the rings from the jewelery, quite fine ones, not too small, not too big, not too simple and not too overloaded with accessoires.

From tomorrow, I'll have to get comfortable with a round object always being present on my left hand.


Just noticed that Teitan has a link to Biza. Biza has also a link back to teitans page. On Teitans page the link is part of the sentence "davantage que ma vie", on biza's page the link is embedded in "je t'adore".
These translate to "more than my life"(teitan) and "I adore on you"(biza).

It's hard for me not to pull out some speculations about an upcoming (or existing?) relationship, but if so: Only best wishes from my side :)


Yesterday my girlfriend and I took a day and visited a thermal bath, Bad Radkersburg.

It was a quite relaxing day, I also tried the sauna and steam bath but I didn't like that part very much.

Nevertheless I can imagine to do it again somewhere in the (far?) future, because my girlfriend likes it quite a lot.

The only bad point in the whole was that we had to drive almost two hours in each direction to get there.


On Wednesday my girlfriend and I decided to affiance. The afternoon we were looking for a sign of our love to each other, a ring for both of us. We found quite nice ones. They should be ready by next weeks friday.

In the evening I then asked her parents, rite stuff.

We plan our affiance celebration on next saturday.
?lk, if you are reading this, you now know what you are invited to ;)


Hm, I'm thinking about what I'm writing in my blog.

Until now I tried to avoid to reveal any information about my work, what I'm doing *exactly*, what products I'm working on and even topic my work is about.

But often I stumble across situations with our code or with our customers where I'm thinking, this is so stupid/strange/ingenious/clever, I should share that with others.

But then again, what if one of our customers stumbles into my blog and recognizes my rants on himself or with which other customers we're in contact or where there are errors in the software which the customer shouldn't know...
And of course there is somewhat like a privacy-clause in our company to not share business data or other internal informations.

Hm, perhaps I can reveil some more details about me and my work, but I can't give any guarantee and I have to think over that a lot.
Perhaps I'll even talk with one of my collegues about the issue.

Well, I know of at least one other employee which runs a web-diary and there he gives more personal detail than me, but as he works in another area and currently is not directly employed by my employer but somehow tied with a subcontractor-stuff, I don't think that my restrictions also apply so tight to him.
He's responsible for parts of our internal IT infrastructure, network-admin.
Christian, don't let people stress you too much! (Thanx for the patience with me in the DECT-issue ;)

And he's the guy who helped me to get rid of my DECT-phone and replaced it with an ordinary desk-phone.
The DECT was acting VERY strangely, the batteries were loading forever (really, almost never full), the speech quality was awful (ok, the desk-phone is not that better) and I could make out-calls to mobile-destinations only in 50% of the time.
It also did weird things like acknowledging a key-press but not displaying or reacting to it, turning on and off by own will or refuse to react completely... Go to hell you thingie! Well, I guess it will be repaired and returned to another victim.


On Saturday girlfriend and I went to the Grazer Fr?hlingsmesse just for fun and because we had not been on an exhibition for some time.

After about 5-10 minutes in the Wellness hall, she got caught by a salesman and two minutes later I carried a bunch of perfumes and aftershaves and so on and with 40? less in my pocket.
"You can take it for gifts...", well...

For the rest of the day I managed it to keep her off most aggressive salespeople and the only additional expenses were some candy and some food.

Near the end of our visit we looked around in the "Wohntr?ume" (Living-dreams) hall.
Because we were thinking of how to equip our kitchen, which is not completely built in the upper roooms of our house, we visited an exhibitor of kitchens, ALNO.
Booom, the salesman and planners there were very friendly and they took much time for us to answer all of our questions and wishes, they showed us many possibilities for our kitchen and informed uns very well.

It's a bit tricky with our kitchen, because in this room there is a pitched roof area and it's impossible to stuff a pre-made kitchen into it. Everything has to be planned. I personally always thought it would cost around 8.000 - 10.000?, fully equiped with all needed devices.

The ALNO-proposal hardly hit the lower bound of this.

The price is calculated per running meter, each of it at 890? (exhibition price). The places where we can't equip the lower and upper half of the wall (pitched areas), the price is adjusted accordingly. It doesn't matter which equipment we wish on the walls, its a fixed price. We also get a free flatware inlay, free dish-holders, a free carbage separation system, 300? bonus on a sink, a free dishwasher(!) and 25 percent reduction on all other electronical devices.
With full planning, installation and other costs excluding the electronic devices we got a price around 7.500? for ~9 running meters of kitchen.
And this proposal was stable until end of 2006, when (hopefully) the room for the kitchen was ready. If it becomes after that, there is only a 3 percent in price increase.

We promised to come again on Sunday... and got free entry-cards for this :)

On Sunday we visited some other exhibitors and collected some more proposals but the one from ALNO was unbeatable.

Contract for at least 5 running meters (to keep the initial payment low) was signed on Sunday ~16:00.

Our very own dream kitchen, we are awaiting you!


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