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For a few weeks now I'm getting fun mails from a unkown person.
Normally I wouldn't bother and delete the mails, but she(?) sent it to several persons.

And some of the names on the To: list sound quite familiar to me altough I don't really get in touch with those people, I just know their names from either basic school or they are friends of a friend of a friend.

I already asked, from where she(?) knows me, or why I'm on her To: list but didn't get an answer yet.

Think, I'll write again sometime...


Teitan has a new quote on his page:
"Der sensible Mensch leidet nicht aus diesem oder jenem Grunde, sondern ganz allein, weil das einzige auf dieser Welt, das vermag seine Sehnsucht zu stillen, ungreifbar fern ist." (after Jean Paul Sartre)

Well, but this doesn't answer the question WHAT this thingie is that would make man sit down and be happy.



Yeah, everything which wasn't in the backup I made about two or three years ago when I switched from Netscape 4.51 to Mozilla 1.0.

I guess the damage to about 300 - 500 MB of mails, including those fun-mails containing PowerPoint presentations, picture shows, flash movies, etc.

Gone... Forever...

How could that happen?
Well, I decided do re-install my Win2K because I suspected some hidden errors in my NTFS-filesystem, which weren't corrected by CHKDSK.

I had quite some drawbacks, I couldn't connect to the Internet ("Permission denied" when trying to start the RAS-Connection Manager Service, OS lockdowns, etc.

So I wanted to make a complete copy of my Win2K HDD on my larger HDD (I had enough room left there). During the copy I got access problems, because of open files.
I decided to copy the directory with the open files (of course the "Application Data" directory) later after the rest of the HDD had found a new home.
But after about 45 minutes (yes, it took that long to copy the enourmous ammount of files) I had forgotten about that directory.
Unfortunately Mozilla stores its whole profile data there.
Then I started the installation of the new Win2K instance and chose to completely generate a new NTFS filesystem (to not accidentially carry over the suspected errors) and wipe out all of the previous data.

And when I wanted to reinstall Mozilla and copy over my old profile... bam!... it's not there anymore...


Everyone knows, how important regular backups are, after they lost all of their data.

What can I remember, what was in there?
Hm, all my bookmarks (quite a lot), my complete archive of some mailinglists (one with over 10.000 posts), my school graduation preparations, all mails from my former class collegues with their contact addresses and phone numbers (damn, not these...), my whole address book with many developer contacts, passwords, logins, etc., etc.

Silly me!


My girlfriend has been in hospital since sunday now because she has pains in her stomach area and no doctor could tell her, where these come from.

Even pills didn't make it better and today noon she told me that she would get an abdominoscopy this afternoon to find out more.

She called me just a minute ago but was still dazzled from the drugs she got and couldn't me tell much.

I hope, they could find out more because she is pained now for more than a month and it isn't getting better.

I'm visiting her every day and I'll quit work today as soon it is possibe, just have to finish some things.


I stumbled across a blogger from Microsoft (The Wayward WebLog) who seems to have thoughts and rhetorical abilities comparable to Teitan.

Both seem to see the world and their position in it as if they were sitting inside their brain and comment what's going on in there (I think).

Nice stuff to read, I wished, Teitan would find some time to continue his blog, I always enjoyed reading his posts and falling into some thinking after that.

On some other topic, I finally got my hands on Townsmen, a game for my mobile phone.
It's about building up a city and managing it's ressources to let it grow and evolve. A bit like WarCraft or Command&Conquer, just without the fighting part. Only the management aspect and a piece of Tamagotchi.

At first I had some problems with the controls, as they are not really explained much but I found a Townsmen How to play, and now I understand it much better. I'm curious how long I'll play this game until I get tired of it.


EcoSphere, is an independend biosphere where everything is completely recycled within the glas ball.
Just add light and see the shrimps living.

This is sooooooooo cool. I wanna have one!


In case you didn't hear from it until now:
This is great news, because it means we are perhaps at an entry to a new era in flight technology.
It has been the first flight of an air-vehicle at the speed of Mach 7.6. In commercial planes this could allow flights from London to Sydney in under two hours.

Look at Hypersonic jets Q&A, ramjet/scramjet diagrams or How Hypersonic Planes Work to find out how these planes are powered.

Tomorrow I'll be back at work. Reading my corporate mails at home tells me that much work is waiting there for me.
I have to make some fixes on TaskZilla, continue my work on the Demo-Installation, catch up with hundreds of mails and find back in general development of our product. I guess that in several parts of it much has changed in the last two weeks.
So I guess, I'll need tomorrow for gathering news and plan my future steps and start working on them on tuesday or wednesday...


You can guess it: Yes, I'm still ill. I were at the docs on Monday and we decided that I give it two more days and look where I would be today.

Well, today I still find it harder to breathe than if I were healthy, but the doc wasn't in his house today. So I have to wait until tomorrow when he will be there again.
Probably I have to visit a lung specialist as my doc has almost reached the limits of its general knowledge.

I recognized that I forgot to give some info about how the proposed software update resulted. To sum it up, it failed again with the same effects as last time at almost exactly 08:00am.

We hoped, that the fixes we applied cured the problem we had, but it seems that we were wrong. We fixed potential problems, yes, but it seems that these problems are not the cause of our current difficulties.
So, back again to theory problem studying and analyzing...

I don't think that these problems are good for our impression on this customer...


This seems to be the longest lasting cough I've ever had.
I'm in bed now for more than a week and I'm still coughing as if I had to blow my lungs out sometimes.
Tomorrow I'll take the last of my antibiotic pills and on Monday I will again make a visit to the doc and let me explain the next steps.

Well, perhaps it's a bit my fault. Altough I should stay in bed, I'm up from time to time to
- fight boredom
- bake a cake for my brothers girlfriends birthday (at least help baking)
- take lunch/breakfast/etc.
- take some care of the house (central heating, plants, etc.)

Damn, this had been one of the least productive weeks in the last few years so far. I don't like to do nothing...


On Teitans homepage this time I found a page with only a link titled "lachrymologie" pointing to "index2.html". Following the link I landed on a page with a lonely link "paraphrasis" back to "index.html".

Goin' round on this homepage, eh? ;)

I always find it quite interesting, which terms teitan uses with his rhetorical interests.
I'm curious, what he brings up next.

Since he updated the page, I can only point you to the google cache.


I think my illness will take a bit longer, I'm not feeling much better yet. My coughing makes my throat hurt and the doctor found an additional inflamation of the middle ear. But this doesn't hurt, I just hear everything as if my ear were plugged with something.

I don't expect to be healthy this week, what also means that I won't be present at this weeks software release change.

I would like to give some sentences about the recent spain stuff, but I don't feel clear-minded enough for that currently. Perhaps I'll do that later...


Headache, fever and hurting arms and legs.

I'm getting ill in the last two days of my attendance, but I don't expect something to happen in these last hours. Been in bed the whole day, watching TV/DVD, reading magazines and sleep. But I don't feel much better now, perhaps the peak of illness will strike this night or tomorrow.

Damn, I have to get up on Monday no matter if I'm ill or not:

  • I have to pass on the attendance phone
  • I'm getting new shock absorbers onto my car, this should be the last thing to fix from the accident. Hopefully...

Perhaps you remember my girlfriends programming teacher. This year he doesn't teach her C++ anymore but Delphi. Different language, same problems. He gives a homework/test, then the studends give them back more or less correct and then he tells them their mark and that they should correct it. BUT without giving the tests back, so that the students would know, what they made wrong. And he doesn't tell them how to make it right.

Recently he tries to hang the boss out: If the students want two tests per term, he chooses the time and date. If they want to choose theirselves, he only permits one test/term. So you have the choice of "all or nothing" but you know when or "a bit more security with a second shot" but you don't know if the shots fall around dates where your schedule is filled up with tests in other subjects.

Sidenote to the tests: His exercises are formulated in quite technical language, come with a pre-defined layout, class- and function-structure and if you don't build your solution into this, you get a worse mark. This is like learning a language just by copying letters written in that foreign language.

How should anyone learn programming in that way???

I think, he just has a problem with acceptation and so he enjoys forcing his students to do exactly what he wants, no matter how insane it is.


Here in our company we regulary go to a canteen for lunch.

It's about five to ten minutes on foot and if the weather is not too bad many of us take the walk.

They offer several menus there, every one not being something I would die for, but it's worth its price.

What I think is strange is that, no matter what menu I choose, if a collegue of me chooses another menu I always think, that this one would have tasted better than the one I chose.


I know every meal is not gourmets first choice, but why have I always the feeling of having chosen the one which I like least?

And this only comes up AFTER I have paid it...


Today I'll finally get my car back from garage. It was delayed another day because the mechanics "didn't want to fix it in a hurry".

But if they took that much care of it, why didn't they fix my right-hand mirror? "...overlooked..."

Well, I'll get a new one the next time I have to show up for service there. I hope, they remember that by then.

Odd. I'm sitting here at work, and let my girlfriend take up the car although she's the reason why it halted beside the road in the first place. But I believe, this just was bad luck in a terribly bad week for us all, and so I trust her. She also surely takes a bit more care now while driving, but I don't want to say that she drove dangerous before, far from it.
But this just has to look strange from third person view ;)


Saddam's an OutKast: Hey Allah! (updated 2013-07-14) If you like the current chart-breakers Outkast with their song "Hey yah!", you'll surely like this one.

My car is still apsent one more day because the garage got already-damaged replacement-parts and has to reorder them.

And I corrected an old post from me, which directly connects me with my employer. As I don't want this because of job security, I modified the name of my employer, so that it should be safe for both sides now.

Today's "Hit the Bush" Bush still defends Iraq war on At the core, Bush now says he attacked Iraq, because Saddam only "was able to" produce WMD. Well, then now he has to make war on almost every country on earth, because even less experienced scientists can build WMD's with the power of (some) money and the internet. Surely, everyone knows a report on a TV channel where the reporters get their hands on dangerous materials.


Wohoo... The TaskZilla train is rushing in, usage increases, migrations are running and task numbers are rising :) Now got a helping hand for the design of the stuff. I'm not really a good designer, I'm much better in implementing an already created design. But being creative (in arts stuff) myself is not my thing.

Seems, that I will have to introduce an separate "New Task"-page for PM's to better meet their requirements and to split the PM-stuff apart from the initial developers-page.

Offtopic: My girlfriends C++ - teacher is a moron. Or is it common to build the double-include-prevention like this:

#ifdef include1_define_h
#include "include1.h"

additionally inside the headerfile itself there is another check, where it belongs to. *brrrr* Imagine the code-block in one of our source-files where 20+ includes occur. And now the teachers reason for such idiotic stuff: "Because the application runs faster if it has not to open the include-files twice".... Gosh, C++ is not VB, go back to your QBasic editor, if you don't know the difference between interpreted and compiled languages! Save your and (more importantly) your students time.


Strange thing, I've written this article during my vacation and what happened a short time after I were back?

  • Power outage in America

  • Blackout in Great Britain

I swear, I have nothing to do with that! But could it be that I have somehow received a subconscious message? Can I feel the future? Or am I just thinking of too many things at once?
But this confirms my general paranoia somewhat.

Let's go on with the stuff that comes out of the wall. Sorry, that it's a bit outdated, but this is the way I thought BEFORE the power shortages happened.

Energy and Power
Energy consumption is increasing. The modern world as we know it today is not able to survive a single day without electrical power. Computers, fridges, even vehicles could not work and the modern economy would sink into chaos within a few hours. People today don't think about, how they are addicted to electrical energy. In the year 2000 more than 50 percent of the produced electricity relied on prehistoric energy carriers as oil and coal (see IEA Fact Sheet). As we all (hopefully) know, these reources will be depleted within the next few decades. I think it doesn't matter if they last for 40 years or for 80 years, estimations vary, in the end the result will be the same. If we begin to plan new energy production techniques THEN, it'll be too late. Luckily, today many people and companies already have realized this and are researching in areas of alternate power production technologies.

One of the most promising inventions seems to be the fuel cell. But this is only part of the solution as this lessens the need of not-renewable energy-sources only on the consumer side. The hydrogen has also to be produced and this production also needs energy. It can be produced in several ways and for the most effective technique the only thing (besides water) is electrical power (which currently is produced using oil or coal). One may ask, where the sense behind converting electricity intro hydrogen just to make a bit less electricity out of it (because there are some leaks in the conversion processes). Well, electricity has one very important flaw: It can't be stored effectively.
Hydrogen can.

In the future, when fossil materials are depleted, alternate sources of electrical power for hydrogen production will have their peak time. This will be the era of solar power plants, wind parks and biomass-reactors. And the best of all is, that the resources which are needed for them are not available in only special parts of the world (as it is today) but evenly distributed all over the globe. Everyone can take advantage of them.
This opens the opportunity to an all-new world order, with more democracy than we can imagine today. Ever noticed how often the force of a country is tied to it's access to resources? Think of America. Cut the pipeline and say bye bye.

In the days to come everyone can sell the power he produces and the 'energy-sellers' of today have to fit more into the role of distributors than producers. This conversion has to be a global process because the main source of power in the future will be solar power and the sun only enlightens 50 percent of our globe. The other side will have to live from the hydrogen it has produced over the day.

The main beneficiaries of the change to alternate energy will be the poor countries. Many of them have large, unused surface which then can be used to build huge, cheap photovoltaic power plants for example. Today's large power companies will rely on many little electricity producers instead of fossil resources under their control. Today the countries with the most resources under their control play the big roles in world politics, countries with less resources (or the opportunity to use this resources) have small roles, even if in sum they overweight the big ones.

Perhaps, if political influence keeps tied to resource-access, the whole world will be politically re-ordered and can become more democratic in the future because, as said before, the access to alternate energy sources is largely evenly divided all across the world.

Some links:
How biomass works
How electricity grids work


Do you want to get juristic immune to practically everything? Then get access to oil in Iraq!
As said in Executive Order 13303 everything which has somehow to do with Iraqi oil gets practically invulnerable to justice (Section 1b). The Bush administration tries to push US companies into the Iraqi oil-market and now these companies are immune to everything? They could break human rights and couldn't be punished. An ecological accident could cause huge damage to the environment and nobody would be responsible for it.
Well, they could even intentionally harm people if it would happen in conjunction wit the production of oil products. I may be a bit paranoid, but I don't think that it is a good idea to set some companies free from the law. Any other paranoid thoughts out there?

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I'm back but still off from work for another week. Another small article is being prepared but I don't know when I'm not too lazy to type it up.


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