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Recently I've purchased a new battery for my mobile phone. To get the most out of it I wanted to refresh my knowledge, how to treat this new energy pack correctly to keep it alive for as long as possible.

When looking on the internet I was first presented with lots of technical information, how they work et cetera, but nowhere I found immediately how to handle them for maximum lifetime, at least not in easily understandable terms.

So I decided to create a small list of handling tips for the different technologies of accumulators.

NiCd (Nickel-Cadmium), NiMh (Nickel-Metal-Hydrite)

Nickel-based batteries should be "primed" by applying a ~16h charge after purchasing. If not done, it won't cause harm but the full capacity will not be available initially (but increase with usage).

It is not necessary to use up the whole charge before recharging every time, but this should be done every 1 - 3 months to prevent memory effect. For NiMh batteries it is even advisable to not use up all the charge as a depletion wears down the battery faster. It is still necessary to counter the memory effect from time to time. Recharging should happen without interruptions and overcharging (by leaving the the pack in the charger after being fully charged) causes harm to the battery.

When the battery is not used for some time manufacturers suggest a 40% charge for storage altough it is possible to store them full or completely discharged. But more important is to store them in a cool place.

LiIon (Lithium-Ion)

LiIon batteries do not need to be prepared for usage and can be used instantly out-of-the-box.

These type of batteries is quite forgiveable to common usage. Altough it should be avoided to deplete it completely, it may be necessary to perform a full charge-discharge-cycle if charge-indicators get inaccurate readings. When charging, it is under normal conditions not possible to overcharge, so leaving them in the charger is possible. Best performance can be expected, if the charge is kept in the range of 40%-80%.

LiIon should be stored at 40% and under cool conditions. If storing for a long time, recharge to 40% from time to time. If left until uncharged, internal protection circuits may fail and render the battery unusable (or even unsafe).


On Friday I got feedback from the team where I've been assisting for some time. It seems, that I did quite well, the feedback was 100 percent positive and also accompanied by the statement that they would welcome it if I decided to permanently switch to them.

I have to admit that I already played with that thought a bit, but for now I think I'm not switching (yet). After checking back with my superiors there would be no problem at all, so it's really completely my own decision. After these results I think it will get more comon to exchange team members for a limited time cross-department. And I think that such exchanges will largely be positive as all concerned parties can learn from the experience.

In other news, I'm in bed. Yesterday in the very last minutes of playing Badminton I somehow tripped and hurt my ankle. It was quite painful but after about 10 minutes it went away and I could walk normally. Over the course of the afternoon and evening the ankle began to hurt just a bit and became swollen. This morning my ankle had the shape of a tennis ball and hurt much more than yesterday so I decided to give the hospital a visit. The physicals resulted in pulled ligaments and now I'm on sick leave for at least this week. And I guess, the revisit on Friday will result in that I should stay away from such fast-running sports for some time. Damn...


Whheeeeee, the hard weekend is over and I think it has been quite successful. All exams have been held, all presentations are performed including one surprise-presentation which was scheduled just the day before.

Since the stressful time was over, I set up a bit of sports activity. Namely playing Badminton with a studying colleague today morning.

This was my first intensive physical exercise since quite some time (think of years), nevertheless I think I did quite well. I could keep up with the condition of the others and my reactions were fast enough I think. I just had some problems with targetting and concentration on the rules how to switch positions after each move which I think are the main reasons why I've always been on the team which lost each match :) But I became better over time and the last match was already very close on the edge of victory.

I hope, that this was not only a one-time event and that I continue with some sports in the future.


Our moving action is now almost completed, just one or two boxes still not completely emptied and some waste to get rid of.

We've now also got new company in the apartment, namely Blacky and Sheila, two nice and active cats which keep us busy all day long when we don't know what to do with our time.

Both have their specialties, as every cat has, like Sheila following anybody like a dog or Blacky always trying to cover under something like chairs, carpets or blankets. But both are very open to visitors :)

There are no photos available yet, but if there is time, there will be pictures.

On the bad side, the moving has cost us a lot of time which is missing now for the university work. A lot has accumulated but we think when we make not everything perfect and polished, it will be doable.


Just a short note that this blog is not abandoned but just "on vacation". Lots of things have been going on in my private life in the last weeks and currently I'm busy with moving out from home into a new apartment.

Furthermore my new mobile computer arrived today and there will be quite some work and setup to do until I can start getting productive with that new toy.


Just as a note of that I'm still alive and relatively well, I'd like to notice that I've decided to buy a new laptop.
There is a special program at our university which allows students to buy mobile computers at a reduced price.

As my old laptop is now slowly beginning to fall apart, I've ordered a HP EliteBook 8530w. My variant is with the Intel Core2 Duo T9550 processor, WUXGA Display and apparently a ruggedized case.

I'm very curious when it'll arrive...


Ready... Set... Go! There it is, the new year. Christmas is behind us, the year-change too, so don't be lazy and dive into it with full power.

This year is set to hold some changes for us, so be prepared.


Rodney leaves Stargate :(

As sad as this is for all Stargate-Fans, including myself, I wish you good luck and that your plans work out.

Did anyone notice, that the article at IO9 was written by a "Meredith"? ;)


Finally, they got me. I've recently opened a PayPal account. I've been forced to this step because my hoster, who has transferred my Freepgs-account to his servers for free until now, has decided to take 3$ per year as payment to keep up this "free" hosting.

Three dollars is not even worth to mention, but nevertheless has to be paid somehow. And the only possibility for me is the Paypal-method as the other ones require either creditcard or giving personal data to companies I've never heard of.

So I finally got over my antipathy for such online-payment-services and signed up for an account. Maybe I can then also shop a bit easier abroad. There are already some sites (here or here) where the unability to purchase without giving creditcard or other personal information prevented me to acquire something.

For now I've tried to transfer 25EUR from my bank account to PayPal. It's stated, that it can take a few days for the transfer to arrive.

I'm curious how this works out...


Just an hour ago or so I tried to set up a backup to my NAS for some of my folders. I found the tool FireSync and its description sounded promising. I tried to find some reviews but since it has been published just today. So I gave it a shot.

I should have been more careful and try out the backup in a dummy folder, not my main application collection. During the first run of the backup there was an error that "Disk is full" at the backup source. As if that's not strange enough a retry just found 4 or so changed files. Hm... After some moments I checked back the source folders. The folders were still present, but not the files which were contained within them. WTF? I made sure I didn't check the "delete after sync" checkbox and it wasn't. Nevertheless, the files were gone.

Currently I'm busy with recovering the deleted files with NTFS Undelete. So far everything looks good and it seems that I can restore all of my files.

So, if you ever want to try out the backup/sync tool FireSync, test it out in a dummy directory.


The dream and wishes of so many people all around the world now finally paid off.

Obama is the 44th president of the united states

Light in the dark


Just because I've been searching for it quite some time, here is a link where the codelist for the Medion universal programmable remote control MD 41666 is available as download.


Yes, the promised additional photos are still lacking presence. Yes, there are still blog-updates happening every two to three weeks. Yes, I know.

Sorry for that. I've been trying to keep up with work and the stuff we have to do this semester for the university. This time we've got a project assignment in almost every subject also with some quit tight schedules.

Also at work there have been some interesting changes as we have made significant changes to our Scrum development process. We changed the teams completely and also mixed up all of the upcoming tasks which means that the new teams have to adopt to the new areas they're working on now. But so far I think it works even better than expected and we're producing results faster than we hoped. I'm quite positive that this will advance even more in the near future. Exciting times ahead...

What has been some sort of a setback in the last weeks were some expenses I had to take for my car. A big regular maintenance, some rust removal (rust has been no surprise but the amount was unexpected) and a change of my handlebars. New winter tires were also necessary. Bye bye, last months salary :( At least it's cheaper than having to purchase a new car (with more unexpected sidecosts) and I'm dependent on being mobile. But I think my car is now prepared for some more years to come.


Yes, it has been quite some time since my last posting. Almost a month, what has happened in the meantime? Well, most importantly we have been on our holiday. We spent ten days in a Magic Life resort at the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt, namely the "Kalawy Imperial". The time there was great and you may expect some pictures and more soon.


Some time ago I received a short message on my mobile where I was offered to extend my binding to A1 (my mobile provider) for another period and receive some credits for that. At that time I did as I was told in the message and answered with "Yes" via SMS.

Last month I got the bill from A1 with a ridiculous amount of payment and immediately called the call center. There I was told that my contract was canceled because I didn't extend it back when I was notified. The lady on the other side of the phone said, that I had received a notification that my contract was exceeding via short message on my phone and that I didn't respond to that. So my old contract was converted into a standard contract. When I responded to the lady that I indeed did answer the SMS to extend my contract she replied that I either had to call into the callcenter for that or send a response by mail, not by SMS.

After a bit of back and forward between the callcenter agent and me I became stressed out and agreed to add some options to my new contract and lower my costs. It was impossible to return to my old contract as it had already been canceled and a new similar offer is limited by customer age (youth tariff) so this was also ruled out for me.

What still bugs me is, that I opted out of receiving account-critical notifications from my provider via electronic communication and still my contract change was only announced via SMS. Also, the conversion of my contract was not stated anywhere and if I didn't have a look at the payment amount on my bill I wouldn't have noticed.

The call center agent was quite friendly and can't be blamed for how its employer treats customers which are not part of the majority customer base where cash margins are already quite slim so that it has to try everything to press money out of the minority of customers with nonstandard conditions. I'm still with A1 because I doubt that the other providers will treat customers differently. After all it's the same market with the same conditions for those companies...

Lesson learned: If you receive any notification about your account from your provider, even if you have told him NOT to notify you over this channel, call the callcenter and check back.


Yes, it's been again quite a while since my last posting. What has happened in the meantime? My term at the university is over, I had the last two exams for which I learned quite a lot and for some of which the results are still not available. After the last exam we had a BBQ with our study-colleagues which was quite nice and lasted all night long. Stayed overnight in a tend there... At work I've been the replacement for my group leader and so had more stuff to do and organize than usual. This has been challenging as in terms of know-how I'm still not experienced enough in the area so that I could replace my colleague completely. And last weekend my brother celebrated his 25th birthday with three other people who grew 25. We were invited to a remote location to stay overnight, eat, drink and have fun. It was a great place there although until we were able to find it we had to ask for the way and survive lightning, thunder, extreme rain and hailstorms. Sadly my darling had to fight with tooth-problems for some days already and couldn't enjoy the party :(

And between all that I've been attending a Swedish-course. It's interesting to learn that language but with so little time it's really a rarity when I'm home and the sun still shines. Most of the time we don't even eat at home, but on the way and when we arrive home it's already bed-time. Quite some stuff at home which waits to be done at some time.

I really should try to get more sleep...


And today is another day where the thermometer hits values in the area around 30°C. Shouldn't be so spectacular, as we're having summer and the sun shines almost all day. Well, this reading is from inside an air-conditioned office!

In the recent few days, I've been feeling somewhat uncomfortable and I completely blame the temperature for that. This is somehow strange for me as this is not the first year with such climatic conditions but the first year where I experience physical problems because of this.

Maintaining concentration is now clearly an issue...


Yesterday our last lecture for this term at the university took place. This concludes the second term and leaves just most of the tests open which will have to be passed in the next weeks. Last Wednesday we already had our Russian final exam. I expected to be quite bad in this as I'm normally quite bad in languages but I think I did surprisingly well. Of course, now I don't have time to dig deeper into that language but I plan this for later.

So, on to the next ones...


I just got noticed, that the tilers have finished with my new toilet and bathroom. I'm quite excited, that after some slow times finally a major step in the construction of my own personal living space concluded.

There are still some big steps ahead but the bathroom and toilet were the largest part of leftover work which has been open for the foreseeable future.

Altough I haven't seen the final result myself yet, I saw the tilers results of yesterdays work. Awesome.

Bathroom - tiles

Toilet wall - tiles

Toilet floor - tiles


Yes, I'm still alive. Just had quite few spare time because I had to manage to get my tiles and organize everything with the tiler (which is still not finished). Furthermore work and university have been quite time-consuming lately.

Nevertheless to give you a bit of an excuse, I've found a few seconds of time to play with my cam again and here are the two shots which I like most.

The first is a tunnel exit where I had only seconds to get the cam, turn it on and fire, so please excuse the low image quality.

On the second picture I tried to make some long-exposure shots of a fountain but only this one at 1.5sec came out nicely and not too overexposed. I still have to practice at this. Furthermore I want to buy a small tripod because I couldn't find a nice location to stabilize the cam during the shot but had to place it on a trash bin and tilt it a bit with a handkerchief.


The light at the end of the tunnel

Night fountain


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