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Saddam's an OutKast: Hey Allah! (updated 2013-07-14) If you like the current chart-breakers Outkast with their song "Hey yah!", you'll surely like this one.

My car is still apsent one more day because the garage got already-damaged replacement-parts and has to reorder them.

And I corrected an old post from me, which directly connects me with my employer. As I don't want this because of job security, I modified the name of my employer, so that it should be safe for both sides now.

Today's "Hit the Bush" Bush still defends Iraq war on At the core, Bush now says he attacked Iraq, because Saddam only "was able to" produce WMD. Well, then now he has to make war on almost every country on earth, because even less experienced scientists can build WMD's with the power of (some) money and the internet. Surely, everyone knows a report on a TV channel where the reporters get their hands on dangerous materials.


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