Still choosing a project hoster and name

Some time ago I've been thinking about where to make my project from last semesters project work lecture pubicly available. I'm still undecided between Sourceforge and Google Code but I'm leaning towards Google Code because I have participated on both platforms and my impression is that Google Code is easier to set up and maintain for smaller projects. And I think that I don't need the more advanced management possibilities from Sourceforge. Furthermore my last impressions from it have been that it has a more complicated interface.

The next thing I have to think about is under what open source license I should put the work. I do want to put it available for anyone but still be credited and maybe receive changes or enhancements to the source.

And finally I still have no proper idea for a name of the whole package. What I can already put public is that it's a piece of code which takes a description of a file-format and generates Java-code which parses files in this format into a defined data structure. I'd like to have a name somehow pointing into that direction but that's not a must.

If you have an idea or suggestion you can leave me a comment :)


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