Decision on photo hosting platform

I've just finished one of my postponed small projects and when I began preparing the posting of the results here I hit the issue that I'm not sure how to share photos into this blog.

In the past my solution was to upload all my photos I wanted to share to Flickr and cross-link the images in this blog. But the times have changed and I'm nowadays much more integrated with Google's services which also includes a photo hosting service. Furthermore also Flickr has changed its policies on photo reuse so that reusing images from that platform is not as easy anymore as it had been in the past. But that's also not really much easier with Google Photos as it involves some non-intuitive access to the images for sharing. But it would greatly ease up the uploading and processing stage for images and also allow much easier download of the collections in case I wanted to transfer it again to another platform.

Another point to consider is that up until now I have (more or less) successfully been able to seperate this "anonymous" blog from my real names and more personal social media interactions. Looking up my real name wouldn't reveal contents from this blog and vice versa. Using images from Google's platform would require to include a link back to my Google+ profile, making it easier for others (advertisers, stalkers, search engines?) to connect this blog to my real world presence. I'm not really sure if I'm ready to take this dent in the freedom of this blog or add the influence of the information contained in this blog to my professional life. But that's another issue I've been tinkering for some time already...

Well, for now I think there is no clear conclusion for me yet. I'll think a bit more on that and also the privacy-issue mentioned above. Maybe I'll post an update for the project in the meantime using Flickr even if I'm undecided but no guarantees on that.


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