May 26, 2003

The 20 lies of George W. Bush

The twenty lies of George W. Bush Yay!

May 23, 2003

No Hoard anywhere and work conditions change

Hoard doesn't even work on Solaris9 64bit although Sun is referring to it as an alternate memory manager... crap.

Good news, a works committee has been founded today at work, I hope this helps that working conditions don't continue to degenerate as they have done in the recent past.

One nice detail about our new project-management software: It doesn't accept working hours in *HH:MM* format, it has to be recalculated to a hundred-base: 08:30 -> 8,5h
Will be fun calculating my odd workload of, for example, 09:23...

May 21, 2003

Hoard memory allocator and AIX


...Supported systems include: (blah blah) AIX

Sounds promising, but after some trying I have to admit, that it doesn't work on AIX with applications which are more complex than "Hello World". Better use the MALLOCMULTIHEAP environment variable ;)

But it could greatly reduce the memory-bottleneck on the other mentioned platforms...

May 19, 2003

Useless trainings

Great. Today we had a 2-hour presentation on how to use the upcoming project-management software (SAP) which will be used to account our working hours to projects.

Everything will be better, you just need an half hour more to sort your hours into the sheets...

And still many unanswered questions, for example how to account taxes in traveling bills (nothing to do with hour-counting but traveling management which changes too...)
Thinking about changing the employer...

But there are positive news too, today I (finally) found the person which is responsible for the old hardware at our location. I could need RAM and HDD... Making a meeting tomorrow with him.

May 14, 2003

More corporate network migration issues

Gaaahhh... Webaccess to our mailboxes is down. I think they've got a network overload overseas. Should have thought about the enormous traffic earlier, which is caused by separate VPN for every employee, central Win2k administration/domain and mail-management (Outlook or webmail, doesn't matter)

Now anyone who depends on mail, like project managers etc., is unable to do any constructive work. What a mess and useless waste of cash and time.

Btw.: VPN-login for all migrated computers seems to be dysfunctional too... Doesn't hurt me, still haven't got my mail-machine :P

May 12, 2003

Corporate network migration issues

So far so good, my third computer hasn't been authorized in the meantime, but luckily they have at least set up webmail for the new address. The old mailservers are not reachable anymore and all mail to the old address gets forwarded till June or something. I hope I don't forget a mailing-list when re-subscribing...

But I'm not the only one, which is not happy after migration. In an informational mail it's said that all optional software, which was ordered previously has not been authorized yet.

I hope, that there are enough MS-Visio copies are available inhouse which can be installed "illegally", so that the planning people can continue work.

May 8, 2003

Sharing mouse and keyboard across different computers

Synergy looks quite promising when I want to make my two computers communicate more seamlessly. Have to give it a try.

May 5, 2003

Intranet migration progress

Well, current migration status:

  • developer machines stay untouched
  • current office machines are going to be migrated
  • if no office machine is available it will be added

This means for me:

  • my Win-development machine gets kicked from the current domain
  • my Linux-development machine stays untouched
  • I get a third computer just for reading email inside the BP domain :)