Order is out for new computer

Last Thursday they have shut down my corporate IT-Services (Mail, Intranet, etc.) because I have no migrated computer which fits into the corporate LAN. I've called the american helpdesk (yeah, 1 1/2 hours in an AT&T line), then installed a corporate software (I call it spyware), and had my services re-enabled. I de-installed this crap again then.
Next day, my services were off again... Now an order for a third computer is on it's way as well as a statement, why none of my two computers can be converted into a uniform image for the corporate network. I need them for development and in the corporate environment, there is no development environment. And I can't fool around with network sniffing and so on which I need. Besides this I don't trust them. My current environment has all security updates, patches, etc., I don't browse with Microsoft tools and have a rather strict Intrusion Detection Tool (say firewall). Thus my computer should be one of the safest here. I don't need anybody to tell me how to avoid worms and viruses. They have no chance to infect my system. No Outlook, no mail virus/worm. Firewall, no RPC-Worms and network attacks. Nevertheless an up-to-date virus scanner is active all the time.

The solution will be that my third computer will stay connected to the corporate servers all the time to prevent further shutdown of the IT services and sit still somewhere under my desk. Mail and other services will (hopefully) be available on my current computers then again and work can continue without disruption.

(Yeah, another computer for THIS!)


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