TaskZilla success

Being too excited last Friday, I forgot to post these news:
In my spare time at work (which is left from the 120% of workload I have) I've built an instance of Bugzilla (which I've called "TaskZilla" because I already struggled with another Bugzilla-introduction at office). This time there was a meeting to choose a proper change-request-management-tool for our whole company (well, only our office here) and my TaskZilla was disqualified in a pre-election just because I weren't at the meeting because of the no-mail-stuff. This time I didn't miss the date and re-introduced TaskZilla. The other candidates were homeBrewnSystem1, homeBrewnSystem2 and homeBrewnSystem3. All signs were pointing towards homeBrewnSystem2 ;) They debatted a bit about the pros and cons of HBS1-3 and then I showed them TaskZilla. I showed them the power of queries. I showed them the power of dependencies. I showed them the power of reports.
They were stunned.
Then they decided immediately to use TaskZilla because it had so many pros and only one con (the Look'n'Feel). And this con will be got rid of soon.

I managed it. I'm the survivor. YEAH!
I'm surprised how much things I can do in the spare time I'm not even supposed to have :)


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