I got the first positive feedback from some TaskZilla users, it seems that it is usable, at least for developers. There are no project managers using it for their projects yet, I'm quite curious, if it works as well for them...

Yesterday a small "party" was held in a pub from our company, it was quite nice. I'm just if there was a deeper reason behind this party, like motivation or so.

Times are still a bit tough, last week six secretaries were fired, this creates a depressing mood. Company management is still quite unpredictable.

The current "plan", if you can call it that way, is that work should be done project-oriented rather than product-oriented. And the people who do the work are taken from some sort of "pool". People are shifted from one project to the next.
I don't think that I'll like it, if this becomes reality. Firstly this is not good for the quality of our product. People develop something. They finish it and go on on other projects. Then the customer comes back and wants some enhancements. People, other people not the same which developed the product, are taken from the pool. And since they don't have the deeper knowledge of the structure and algorithms in the product, they scratch a bit on its surface and hack in something to satisfy the customer. Such hacks and fixes and patches cannot be good for quality and extensibility. At some point the product becomes unmaintainable and then ... well, *boom*.
But our managers and CEO's and CTO's ... are so focussed on this idea of a project-driven approach, that they don't see, that this can not work for long terms. It would work perfectly for consulting, but for development... forget it.

I'm unsure if I want to know how the result will look like for this company :/


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