Teaching C++

Last week a co-worker asked me if I could help a friend of his brother with some C++ homework. I agreed.

I found out that he was attending distance learning and was completely new to programming and C++.

He gave me the homework examples and I wrote them for him so that he can view them and hopefully learn from it.

We'll meet soon and I'll install Visual Studio on his computer and learn some more.

I just didn't draw the structograms which were needed for some examples, I was just too lazy first off and later I had not enough time anymore.
Just told him that I couldn't find my papers from school anymore to fresh up my structogram-knowledge, which is not exactly the truth but not a complete lie. I really don't know some aspects of structograms anymore.


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i want to know about c++ if you know send it to me

If you want to learn C++ I suggest to take a look at
Bruce Eckel's "Thinking in C++":