Teitan upgraded

Just jumped over to Teitan to look for something new and yes... there is something new!

Teitan upgraded his words from text to a nice black&white image. But in a corner, he added some more words ordered top to bottom, rightbound (without commas):
"you, areso(?), infinite, mylove, nothingyou, meanto, everythingto, proveme, isright" (the second word is a bit unclear). Some parts of the words are colored brighter: "in my nothing you mean everything to me".
The background of the image is somehow structured like rough cloth. And the whole page has a new title: "devotion"

Similar happenings on bizas page. Image, Black&White, text to image, small text in corner: "schon immer, noch immer, f?r immer". Title: "addiction".

For me the fascinating thing on bizas image is that somehow in the background a structure looking similar to a crying face with closed eyes is visible. And the general backround structure seems to be smoke and fire.

Well, if teitan or biza stumble across my comments, they might think "What the..." or why I mention the changes of their sites. Hm, I don't know exactly. Perhaps it is because one can do so much interpretation on the synchronized evolution of both pages, or perhaps it's just because I'd like to know something of my friends, even if we don't meet very often anymore. Perhaps it's also just curiosity.

Teitan&Biza, keep up doing, what you've been doing so far :)


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