Update madness

In general I try to keep my linux dev machine as up to date as poosible.

So I normally reside on the "testing" branch of Debian.
From time to time I run a "apt-get update ; apt-get upgrade" to get the latest tested versions of my installed software and fetch security patches and other improvements.

This time I'm regretting badly:
The latest version of SciTE, my main development environment, got an update to 1.61. The main change in this release is that it "uses the improved file chooser on GTK+ 2.4". Dammit.

I don't know how GTK defines "improved" but this file dialog is just unusable.
I have to select everything with the mouse, keyboard navigation is not present. Can be quite annoying if you search a single file in a 1000+ directory even if you exactly know the name of the file. Scrolling nightmare. It is not possible to go up a directory tree easily and the highest level directly available is your home directory. Altough there is a point "Filesystem" on the left bar, this takes you directly to "/". You can't go directly to e.g. "/home/" from "/home/user/", you have to take all the way over "/".

Well, you can define bookmarks(?) to jump directly into a directory but you can't rename them and so I'm having three bookmarks called "include" and everytime I have to try each one where it takes me when I search a file in one of those.

What makes everything a bit worse is that there IS actually (some sort of ) a keyboard navigation present, you can reach it by "CTRL-L" inside the open file dialog (Shortcuts in dialogs? What the...?). An autocomplete-bar opens where you can enter the path and name of the files more or less usable but this definitely should have been on the main open dialog.

Sadly I can't downgrade my editor anymore because it seems that the old package is not available anywhere.

Well, this gives me motivation again to try to migrate my development environment over to Eclipse in combination with CDT.


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