Getting Wikipedia Done

The GTD TiddlyWiki I mentioned last time has been getting better every day since then. Meanwhile it supports automatic saving after editing and it is also possible to write/change self-made CSS styles for it through changing a special StyleSheet Tiddler.

According my offline Wikipedia effords, K3b turned out to be useless too, just can't cope with the enormous filesystem-stuff. So I switched back a gear and went into hardcore, using the mkisofs commandline tool for generating an ISO file to burn on DVD.

To my surprise this worked quite well and I had my first ISO-image within hours. Sadly at a size of about 5,3GB. Not small enough for DVD. I played around hours after hours with different settings of mkisofs, omitting useless structures/information, ie. hiding everything from ISO filesystem and just keeping the Joliet filesystem intact, but nothing helped. The image was always at 5420MB.

Currently I'm stripping down the HTML files, removing useless parts but I doubt that I can gain another 600 megabytes.


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