November 29, 2005

Another flash game

I escaped the Submachine (from Download Squad) in roughly 12-14 minutes. It's a little point'n'click/drag'n'drop game.

Seems that Download Squad is becoming my primary source for filling up my waiting-for-something-complete cycles.

Quick Ruby Workout and Poor Software Ahead

Wow, I thought about trying out Ruby quite a while ago but didn't bother installing a webserver/interpreter for that. Been too lazy.

But when faced with 'Try Ruby' there can be no excuse (from Download Squad). It is an interactive Ruby interpreter right there in your browser window, including an interactive tutorial. Get started with Ruby in seconds.

In other news I welcome the opening of several companies to give away some of their best software products for free use:

While I think in general this is good news for all developers I also expect more faulty software approaching us in the future because now less experienced people/developers have easier access to more advanced development tools and are able to produce low-quality software faster than ever before. But on the other hand those tools also include better debugging tools than almost anything other available at that price. We'll see...

November 25, 2005

Stealing energy

I'm wondering if a Joule Thief somehow can aid me in my plans of building LED illumination.

Many other Google hits also backtrace to Andy's Solar-bugs: Make a Joule Thief.

Both sites have also other interesting stuff available here and here.

November 23, 2005

Ambient illumination

Long ago I began thinking about how we could illuminate our rooms when they're finished.

Of course, since I'm a science geek and care about environment, I immediately thought of lighting up using LEDs.

My only problems on my way to ultimate enlightenment were the still low light yield and the high price of LEDs at that time.

Recently these thoughts bubbled up in my mind again and I again began to investigate the possibilities of LED-illumination in my home.

It seems, that the output of LEDs has increased in the meantime so that regular light could be replaced easily. But the price for this hasn't lowered that much and I'm unsure if the energy-savings compensate for the initial investigation.

Well, the only source for LEDs around here, although Germany isn't quite "here" but at least it's in Europe, I found is They even have lightbulb-replacements but I'm not willing to pay up to 60\x80 for a single LED-bulb. And that's just the price if I order 100 pieces at once. Well, they have smaller ones starting at ~10\x80 for white ones but that's still a bit high.

I would also take the adventure and buy a bulk of raw LEDs and some metal and solder together my own stylish lamp, I'm just missing some ingredients right now:

  • cheap source of high-output LEDs
  • description how to create a power- and control-circuit for the LEDs

If anyone can help me with one of those, please leave a comment and point me in the right direction.

November 18, 2005

Grow Cube, grow!

I just played Grow Cube and have been surprized, that I could solve it within six attempts using just a sheet of paper for taking notes.

Its a combination game, where you place things on the cube one after another. After each placement, some things get leveled up. The various parts also depend on each other, so this is no easy task.

Nice graphics and a surprise quite at the end. It lives!

How many tries did you take?

November 17, 2005

Blog is up again

Whew, what a ride.

As you may have noticed, this blog has been down for some time (around 3 or 4 weeks). This has been because the servers of had burned down at their hoster. All data and hardware was lost in the incident.

Last week the replacement servers arrived and were set up and this week I uploaded my backups, which I luckily created from time to time.

I had a few problems re-creating everything which has changed since my last backup but with this entry everything should be restored again.

If you find something not working, please let me know in a comment.