Clever way of earning money with free software

Just found a quite clever way of producing free software without starving in poverty. On they are offering some quite clever little tools (like the tiny FindRun Robot) for free download yet encouraging the user to donate any amount of money.

They do this by just requiring a free license to open the software for 6 months. After this time another 6-month license is required. Finally after a year of free use the user can get an unlimited license for free again. On the other side if you donate even the smallest amount of money you can get the unlimited license and many other benefits instantly, forever.

I like this concept and it again throws me into thinking of creating a PayPal account for such small things.

Other things which already have pushed my mind into this directions are for example my favourite webcomic, Dominic Deegan, where you get a nice desktop wallpaper each month for as little as 1$ or many of those little or not-so-little OpenSource software things which I use all the time.


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