January 30, 2007

Blog update and tweaking

And another update to my blog. Besides updating Movable Type to version 3.34 I also followed the hints on getting rid of categories and migrating to tags. I also modified many of the templates and pulled out some pseudo-static content into Widget-Templates which now are just included pre-parsed in the other templates. The static category-archives are now also replaced by dynamic tag-display. This particular speedup now also gets rid of the HTTP-errors which were occouring when someone wanted to post me a comment. Comments now finally work completely (I hope) :)

Just for the reference, I got lots of information useful for those changes from following sites:

January 17, 2007


My sweetheart became more independent yesterday. She has got a car of her own now. A small nice Renault Clio, white. Although we'll still try to use only one car as much as possible, it'll ease the cases where we both depend on a car during the day. Some less car-swapping-action-just-10-minutes-before-that-urgent-meeting stuff now :)

That makes now a total of four cars parking in front of our house....

January 12, 2007

Taking chances

Yesterday I got a confirmation, that it would be possible to spend a part of my worktime on a new project. For me this sounds like the best chance I had so far to get into new areas. Hopefully this time it really works out.

January 6, 2007

Back on track

Today the holiday is over and I'm back at work. Everything is as I have left it and I could seamlessly step back into productive-mode. Christmas brought another Wii-game, "Rayman Ravin' Rabbids". Fun. Fun. Fun. And our storage room has been equipped, thanks to all supporters :)

Sylvester was a not-so-easy decision because we had invitations to three locations where we had to choose one to be on that evening. And all locations were equally promising, so it almost boiled down to roll a dice. I hope that we didn't disappoint the other two hosts too much when we had to reject their invitation...

In the first week of January my sweetheart and I also celebrated or 5th anniversary and we had another invitation to a small birthday party. All in all in that week I attended to three fondues and on every single one I surprised all others by being the last one to stop eating. Next time they'll not underestimate my appetite again :) I think I have heard the suggestion to "eat more to gain weight" from them the last time.

On other news, our TV died and I organized a used one as replacement but it has some drawbacks. We're currently thinking of buying a completely new one, a bigger and more modern one but not LCD or plasma. Too expensive and energy-hungry for me. But we still have to think on that...