November 27, 2008

University is taking its toll

As the title says, the University has quite an impact on all students in my class. The workload currently is enormous, with projects, tests and homework in almost any lecture.

Our class currently has already just half the size it was at start of studying, but still some are considering to shrink their worktime to be able to cope with studying. Every single lecture is manageable on its own but the sum of all of them is more than previous classes had to work on.

We're planning to have a talk with the head of our study-department on the issue although we don't have any proposals for solutions... It's not easy to shift the work around.

Let's see, what this develops...

November 9, 2008


Just an hour ago or so I tried to set up a backup to my NAS for some of my folders. I found the tool FireSync and its description sounded promising. I tried to find some reviews but since it has been published just today. So I gave it a shot.

I should have been more careful and try out the backup in a dummy folder, not my main application collection. During the first run of the backup there was an error that "Disk is full" at the backup source. As if that's not strange enough a retry just found 4 or so changed files. Hm... After some moments I checked back the source folders. The folders were still present, but not the files which were contained within them. WTF? I made sure I didn't check the "delete after sync" checkbox and it wasn't. Nevertheless, the files were gone.

Currently I'm busy with recovering the deleted files with NTFS Undelete. So far everything looks good and it seems that I can restore all of my files.

So, if you ever want to try out the backup/sync tool FireSync, test it out in a dummy directory.

November 5, 2008

Yes, we can!

The dream and wishes of so many people all around the world now finally paid off.

Obama is the 44th president of the united states

Light in the dark