The light at the end of the tunnel

*knock*knock* Someone here?

Yes I know, this blog's heartbeat is currently beating very quiet and slow. But I can assure you it's still beating. It is just one of the many victims of my extremely tight schedules both at work and in my personal life. But things will change soon. I'm in the last stretch of my professional education at the university and I'm pretty busy writing my Masters Thesis.

If everything works out as planned the schedule of my private life will receive relief at the end of September. Then I think I'll relax for some time and after that I try to recover many of my suspended projects and activities from their zombie states. There's quite a list of stuff which I have planned to do after I'm finished with university, a pile of books to read and many people to have a beer with after a long time.

And of course one of the bullets on my list is to resume regular blogging :)


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