Vacation backlog

Yesterday I was one in the department who got the order to get rid of accumulated holiday and compensatory time. The target was set to have at most 10 days combined by the end of this year.

I personally have collected quite a large backlog over the last few years which means now I've got quite a hard time to shrink this pile of time. In fact, I could go on vacation for four months straight.

I'm not very happy with that because I like to work and be productive and tinker with problems and optimize stuff and so on. But I can also understand the position of our company because they have to keep the monetary value of these holidays and overtime hours aside and it builds up quite some weight on the balance sheet.

So, now I'm busy planning how I'm going to distribute that time and thinking about what I'm going to do in that spare time.

If you had four additional (and unexpected) months in your life, how would you spend them?


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