Internal review results

Last week another round of the internal reviews started.
The purpose of those reviews is to perform a two-way-feedback on the work performance of the employee. What went right, where are the strengths of the person, what went wrong, where are the weaknesses and what are the possible ways in the future to improve the personal performance.

I've had mine mid last week and there haven't been much surprises. One thing I've already recognized personally is, that I'm not as active in my main project because I'm constantly disturbed by other stuff which arises from old projects where I'm the only one left to do the work.
Also, the project management got the impression, that I'm more "connected" with the older projects than with my main one which is partly true partly false.
True in the case that I'm more confident in the older projects as I'm the impersonated knowledge of almost everything which is necessary for those projects. False in the case because that doesn't mean that I'm not trying to increase my knowledge in the current project. But I could have done better.

Of course there were an equally number of good points but I don't want to elaborate on that because I cannot improve there. My improvement chances lie in the points where I got feedback that it could be better and I'm definitely working on it!


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