To twitter or not to twitter...

For quite a while now I'm having an eye on Twitter. In the beginning I soon stopped to check it regularly because most of the messages just were meaningful in a context unknown to the reader and weren't even useful as short amusement or something. Nevertheless from time to time I still looked into it especially when there were links from other blogs or news articles centering around it and its technology.

Meanwhile, while there are still lots of those low-value tweets around, some effective real-world uses have emerged. Ranging from instant news (even directly from the NASA Astronauts) to direct product support channels and even political content there are nowadays a lot of Twitter feeds which can affect a much larger audience than just personal messages. This is also represented in Twitters message question which now says "What's happening?" instead of "What are you doing?".

And because of this shift in focus and content I'm again rethinking my opinion of Twitter and really considering to join this social network. Which would also open an additional communication channel to the users who try out SIMsalabim.

But I still have to think about this a bit because currently I'm already drowning in all the news-sources I've set up on Google Reader, FeedReader and email, SMS, IM, etc. I'll already have to find some time in the future to re-check each and every feed and news-source I've listed and sift out the ones which I can really afford to spend my precious time on. And I guess with another source of instant distraction, like Twitter, this wouldn't get any easier...


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