Second RepairCafé

Last Saturday the second local RepairCafé took place. While the first RepairCafé had a slow start and not many repaired goods to present afterwards this second time was a huge difference.

This time was a larger group of helpers and interested people and also much more success in repairing stuff. There also was a short visit by a journalist from a local newspaper and maybe an article will be written. The success stories range from walking sticks on the simpler side (took only seconds to fix) to replacing a dead battery in a MP3 player with a transplant from another broken player. Radios, remote controls and cameras have also been taken care of and are now also in a completely usable and working state again.

I'm really happy how this initiative has developed and in my opinion it is a great success so far. I'm very thankful for all the people who helped me to bring to live and hope the pace and support will keep up and spread even more.


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