Performance evaluation and SMP optimizing

Well, last week didn't bring many news: Tuesday I had a talk with my "performance manager" (why do all American companies have such silly titles?) about the goals I've reached in the last year personally and in my job and made up new goals for the future. For the past I think I've met the expectations but my PM thinks I've exceeded them. :) (Not too hard, if I'm the last remaining real developer in my team) For the future I've told him that I'd like it if I could get in touch with developers from our partner-companies and work on cross-company-projects.

Anyone out there who likes to work on a carrier-grade telephone-solution with me?

Anyway, the rest of the week was not that interesting, I've been still trying to optimize our system for SMP environment (AIX, Solaris) in a cross-platform manner. Still too much slowdown on massive parallel access if same heap is used for all threads (possibly false sharing?). Also began organizing the next iteration meeting which was initially set on Thursday but moved to next Monday...


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