Shrinking company

Damn, I still haven't found time to transfer my article from paper to blog, don't know why. I apologize.

Back at work my windows-computer didn't boot from hibernate, a normal boot resulted in BSOD. "inaccessible boot device"... Luckily a chkdsk run in repair console fixed the problem.

Then while diggin' through the mountain of mails I found out that three employees were fired, other three have left us on their own will and one was saved by works committee. What the heck is going on here? We hardly have enough resources to keep up with the incoming work not to speak from improving our products. Don't they realize, that they remove the hard gathered knowledge base from the company?
I'm way off of getting fired (I'm the last remaining core developer in my area) but it's a strange feeling that many other co-workers could be gone tomorrow. I'm still remembering the statement from shortly before my vacation: "... retirements were necessary, but are over now...". Crap. Hot air. "Marketing nonsense".
Side note: We are going through a economizing and reduction wave now for almost a year and the effect on our company's statistics: zero, nada, nothing. They even have degraded slightly. Doesn't surprise me, the remaining people are, if ever, hardly able to compensate the reductions.

On the other side, my girlfriend has carried her computer over to my place and we are playing a bit over network when I come home from work. Worms, Starcraft, Tetrinet and so on. Much fun for me, but she constantly gets better in all the games ;)
At least at home there is some relaxing.


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