New job proposal

Today I got the ultimate job proposal from our "headquarter":

Duration: Up to 4 months
Level: Consultant - Manager
Location(s): Baghdad, Mosul, and Basra
Skillset/Responsibilities: Management oversight of detailed currency exchange, develop and implement exchange site distribution load plan, coordinate with headquarters project control team, and coordinate with convoy commander.

* Resources will be traveling to the different locations listed above and will be living in tents on military bases.
* XXX has hired a security agency that will assist employees and accompany then through their travels
* All employees are required to attend a 4 day security training session in El Paso, TX. There they will be briefed on current security and receive gas masks, jacket, etc, inoculations, etc.
* Employees will most likely fly from El Paso to Amman, Jordan and then connect to Baghdad.
* Danger Pay: 25% of employees salary starting from Day 1 (when they land overseas) to the day the leave back for the US
* For those employees staying 42 days or longer, they will also receive 25% post differential pay, treated as an extra allowance. Post Diff pay applies and begins on Day 42.

Feel free to call me with further questions as I have some additional information which may answer some further questions. Thanks!

For only 25% more salary I wouldn't even change office in-country... This mail has caused much laughter here :)


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