Yeah, TaskZilla is getting better and better every day. So far I've managed to give it some more features:

  1. LDAP authentication: use our central user directory for authentication

  2. TWiki integration: link from TaskZilla to TWiki and vice versa with keywords

  3. Graphical dependencies: view the dependencies nice with color and graphs

  4. More user data: two additional whiteboards, for custom entries of every project

And it's coming nearer to be a quite usable tool for both project managers and developers.
I had to work around the back of some things ("Version" -> "Project") and have still to change some more fields (eg. "OS" -> "Developer Status") but these are not quite hard to accomplish.

The hardest thing will be to get it up and running on our workstation-cluster, which is not that easy without root-access.
But this is also on the way :)


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