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Perhaps you have recognized this news on main page. Sounds a bit odd, doesn't it? Well, for me it did and I wanted to risk a look on that blog, but "surprisingly" I couldn't locate it. I think this news are faked and just hopped onto it, because it has to do with blogging. This can happen to anyone... I think the "dangers" of blogging are feal, and if you don't take care, bad things can happen. Others already found out.

Today's "Hit the Bush"
(complete text got lost in Blogger-error, short summary, grrrr)
Surpreme Court has decided to decide if the Guantanamo detainees should be able to access civilian courts and so have to be threated within human rights.
Currently they are completely without any (even human) rights, have no access to anyone (lawyers, courts) or anything, are in prison for 18 months now and are virtually intouchable for anyone without a higher military rank.


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