Whoa, something is going on in world-political defense stuff.
Powie doesn't like the EU to have an independend military plan: "...The United States cannot accept independent EU structures that duplicate existing NATO capabilities...". And inside the EU somehow a compromise boils together for an EU military force. Since politics didn't like the last suggestion, finnish people made another try(german). Shortly, if a state is under attack, it can ask other states for military or other help. These states then can give help if it can efford it, and it has to happen under article 51 of the UN-charta. This article describes the right for self-defence.
The finnish suggestion has good chances to be considered.

Today's "Hit the Bush"
Well, this also has to do with the above mentioned EU-idependency. But this has evolved over time, so I'm giving a short timeline:
- an article appeared on CNN.com, titled "Powell criticises EU military plan" with Collie's rants
- a few hours later, the article on news.orf.at appeared with the finnish suggestion
- another few hours later, the article on CNN.com was enhanced and retitled "Powell presses NATO on Iraq help", the above mentioned one

I wonder if Collin did this because he saw, that the differences inside the EU could be past soon and a real competitor can arise.


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