We are currently undergoing employee performance evaluation. This means, the management level is trying to find out how much every employee has worked and how much of this work can be charged on our customers. This calculation is based on our daily time accountings into our time management system.
Some time ago, this has been no easy task for us developers, because we worked on task for a product and it was not easy to assign this task to a specific project.

With TaskZilla now and the new project/product organisation we have settled down on, this is just a matter of seconds.
Since each task now has to be clearly assignet to exactly one project, I can run a query at the end of the day to give me all tasks I have worked on that day and just have to look at the project-column.

Back to the performance evaluation. The number, how much of the work can be charged is called utilisation and our internally goal is that each employee should be utilised to at least 75 percent.
Well, after calculating my utilisation, I'm a bit over 100 percent. This can occour, because I often work over-time, and utilisation is based on standard worktime.
For me this means, that I (currently) have no problem with utilisation. I hope this situation stays longer.

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