Today I'm gonna take some action. No, not at work but to bring some of my favourite web-comics back alive.

I'm talking about
- U.F.O. - Hot Bullets of FUNK and
- StarSomething - Stories of The Future, Today!

Both of them are painted quite nice and have a neat but unfinished storyline. They have been untouched/uncontinued for months now and I'm going to try to get in touch with the painters/creators of the strips.

I know, that the authors of StarSomething, Ian Jones and Marc Shallow, are still active because they also run other web-comics (Ian:[rpg world], Marc: Adventurers) which still receive regular updates.

For the other one, UFO, I don't know much about the authors status. I just found some hints, that he (she?) is still active on the web with a blog.

Well then, I'm writing some mail now. Eventually I'm lucky and get a reply. If so, news will be posted here.


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