Last 24 hours were like a rollercoaster-ride...

Still sick, but girlfriend is back and everything seems to have settled down a bit. She even made it through some difficult tests today, despite of the personal stuff in her mind.
And I seem to have raised a bit of dust at work, even though I haven't been there today.
Today a so called "Town Hall Meeting" was organized from our company heads. Everyone had to attempt if he/she had no serious excuse.
Topic of it was (again) current status, future plans and a question&answer-discussion. I had a few questions, but since I couldn't attend today, I asked them by e-mail this forenoon.

To sum it up, I described that I think our product is ahead most competitors, and that I don't understand, why it has almost no public presence at all. I also asked, in what direction product development will go in the future and which importance it'll have in our company.

It seems, that our leader(s) picked up my questions to start the discussion. I have received no direct response until now, but only some reports from co-workers of me:
Company leaders told, they are completely commiting to our product and product development, and my questions have ruled large parts of this discussion.
I think I've asked some questions which are spooking around in many heads here, but I didn't expect that it'll have SUCH a response if I ask them directly.

Well, this is everything I know until now, I'll post more info if I'm back at work again.

Other news:
I've enabled the new XML/RSS-feed-feature of, just look at the bottom of the page.

Today's "Hit the Bush"
Well, I'm too sick to search for more links, but it seems, that Bush is loosing voters acceptance in the U.S.
Other canditates are gaining ground and people don't want to see W. longer in it's current position.


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