Tough week

Wow, this week is really tough.

  • Monday: Several client systems have outages, peak had been four weird acting or down databases (at four customers) at the same moment.

  • Tuesday: Again two outages at two clients. One gave us a error-report, which has to be resolved until Wednesday noon, to prevent us from paying bills.
    To make the day successful, my car somehow hit the ground besides the street and I'm not (completely) mobile until monday evening. Insurance and mechanics are working on the case ;)

  • Wednesday: The error-report could be closed half an hour before we had to pay penalties. This afforded much of work from all of us and the re-surrection of long deprecated systems, because the customer has a very out-of-date version running. But we managed it in time, which I didn't expect.

  • Thursday: They turned of our internal network-phone! I have no network-connector left near me, where they could plug in a default hardware phone, so somehow I got a Bosch DECT Phone. Don't let you fool by the image on the link, on my phone "BOSCH" is printed instead of "Tenovis" on the phone, but the hardware is exactly the same. Perhaps Tenovis is or purchased Bosch. The mobility is a bit greater with this compared to my 2,5m headset line on the computer, but the speech quality is much worse.

Today's "Hit the Bush"
differentstrings has a posting about how G.W.B. influences the 'Iraq Intelligence' Commission.
It's something helpful for a president who's trying to get re-elected.


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