Hm, I'm thinking of migrating my blog to another provider/system. I've been thinking of somehow migrating to Movable Type for a while now, but since I don't have money left to spend on a server somehow nor want to migrate to a third-party maintained system, I've been staying here.

I want to migrate to MT, because I have just more features there bundled all in one and I can more easily save my old blogs somewhere.

And now I have stumbled upon
They offer some free server space (20 MB), with PHP/Perl enabled and MySQL database, exactly what I need for MovableType.
I don't expect to hit the traffic limit (2 GB/month) anytime soon, so there should be freedom too.

20 MB sound not that much, but I don't want to blog pictures and for text this should be enough for quite a while. MT says, it needs around 2-3 MB for itself.

I plan to give it a try soon, and if it works, I hope that this service lasts long enough, until I can efford a more secure place.


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