Software-update, second try...

Next week there will be a second try to update our software at one of our customers systems, which failed last time. My colleagues have fixed the most probable cause of this and I have also improved my software-part for more stability although it didn't have any stability-problems. But who knows how long this release will be running until the next (hopefully very major) update, I don't want to have it fail under any circumstance.

We're quite sure that this time the release will work as expected and without problems appearing after it.

Well, for us it just has the look of a "service pack" because currently our software has improved quite much since the last install there and we just made some changes, bugfixes and minor improvements to that old version.
It's also already running at the upper third of its capacity because although there are only slightly more clients using it for which it was initially designed, some of these clients use it through a "proxy", so one client generates as much load as several dozens of normal ones.

Our current software already has many design and capability improvements to handle a greater load and offer greater stability and flexibility on the clients side.

Hopefully THIS version gets installed the next time and not another update of the old piece. Maintaining the old version is more difficult every time.


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